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The artist with the most streams on Spotify in 2021, with 9.1 billion listeners, and the one who broke the record in May 2022 accumulating 183 million listeners in a 24-hour period, has just made his debut in the film industry. Is about bad bunnythanks to his performance in the movie Bullet Trainwhich wants to become the success of the summer.

The Puerto Rican plays The Wolf, a Mexican assassin whose entire world was wiped out when someone poisoned the wine on his wedding day; naturally, he also seeks revenge like many of the assassins in the plot, led by Brad Pitt and followed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Zazie Beatz, Joey King. There is also the unmistakable Sandra Bullock.

With a unique style, Bullet Train adapts a homonymous novel by Kotaro Isaka that follows a hitman in the midst of an existential crisis (Pitt) during his trip on a bullet train between Tokyo and Kyoto with the sole mission of recovering a valuable suitcase abandoned in one of the cars.

Brad Pitt tells what it was like to work with Bad Bunny in the movie ‘Bullet Train’

What the protagonist does not expect is that several of the most prominent hit men on the planet travel on board that high-speed train, each one focused on their objective until quarrels, enmities and even shared clients appear that end up making that journey a crazy and bloody chaos.

On Monday, the interpreter of Titi asked me walked the red carpet at the film’s premiere. “I’m very grateful,” the 28-year-old Latin music superstar told ET during the preview in Los Angeles.

Bad Bunny certainly adds to the action in the movie as Wolf, and when it came time to bring the pain to the screens, the rapper said he was ready. “People know that I like wrestling,” said the avid WWE fan. “So, this is my thing, you know, the action.”

This is how Bad Bunny fights against Brad Pitt in “Bullet Train”: The reggaeton player captivates in a trailer with an eccentric look on his big jump to Hollywood

Bad Bunny attends the Los Angeles Premiere of Columbia Pictures’ “Bullet Train” at the Regency Village Theater on August 1, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo: AFP

Why Bad Bunny was chosen to act in Bullet Train

The film was directed by David Leitchwho previously directed John Wick, Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2. In an interview for JOELeitch remembers how the process was to select the urban artist, whom he did not know, he admits, until he was suggested by his executive producer.

“It was a very smart call from Kelly McCormick, my creative producer and partner at 87eleven (Leitch’s production company). We were looking for a great list of Latino actors. But this movie is so bold and we were trying to come up with a new idea. She said ‘I think I have this idea for Bad Bunny’. I didn’t know who he was, but she did, and she’s my wife, so she should know his taste in music!”

The filmmaker then investigated the reggaeton artist’s work as an actor in other productions. “He had acted in narcs and it’s very, very interesting. So we contacted him, we did a Zoom with him, we proposed the idea to him. And what I liked is that initially The Wolf was going to be a gray-haired old man at the end of his career and that he had lost the love of his life. And then I saw Bad Bunny and I thought ‘No, it’s a new love, it’s passionate, it’s the first love, and he lost that. And it just made a lot of sense.”

‘Bullet Train’: “One of the best action films of the year…”, according to the specialists, who also make neutral and negative reviews

Brad Pitt, Bad Bunny and Joey King attend the Los Angeles Premiere of Columbia Pictures’ “Bullet Train” at the Regency Village Theater on August 1, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
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For Leich, Benito Martínez Ocasio, as the singer’s real name is, is a great actor. “He came to it naturally, he trained hard for fights, he was a professional. It was one of the best decisions we made on the film.”

What critics say about Bad Bunny’s performance

In their review of the film, the critics agree in applauding Pitt’s work, while they consider that the story goes off the rails in some scenes (it is the majority consensus). And as for the deity of reggaeton and perreo, opinions are divided.

USA TODAY notes: “Bad Bunny, the Puerto Rican rapper who broke into professional wrestling, doesn’t have much to do here, but he has the charisma and the moves to be a future action star.

“Bad Bunny, the rap star that Sony is preparing for his next stellar project, never escapes the stereotype of his role, but there is more to his character in the script than in his interpretation”, is the position of dead line.

Bad Bunny attends the Los Angeles Premiere of Columbia Pictures’ “Bullet Train” at the Regency Village Theater on August 1, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo: AFP

Indie Wire warns that “Bad Bunny basically flattens into the background of the story, in second place, once the film bleeds his character.”

“For fans of Bad Bunny, the support that they can give him for the movie could definitely go either way,” says Pop Crave. “It has a slightly higher number of scenes than expected, but it also doesn’t appear as much as you’d expect. However, it’s nice to see Bad Bunny on the big screen, with one of the most fleshed out backstories the film has to offer. His character does him justice in conveying why the musical artist is loved by millions around the world, and many will want to see Bad Bunny in future acting roles after seeing his performance on Bullet Train”.