This is the demand that comes to Pique in 2023 by Shakira

Shakira and Gerard Piqué stole the eyes of millions of their followers on social networks with the news of the agreement they reached to benefit their children. Both celebrities decided to give in, plan key moments in their future and choose the best path so that Milan and Sasha were not affected in their personal and social relationships.

Now, this case comes up with another future surprise and that is that the renowned fortune teller Mhoni Vidente, who recently guessed that Argentina would win the World Cup in Qatar 2022, revealed that the former soccer player will have a very unfavorable 2023 regarding the scandals over his breakup with Shakira, with the same justice and even his sexuality will be an issue that affects him.

In the same sense, the seer asserted that the former central defender of Barcelona FC will marry his current girlfriend, Clara Chía, and will be a father again, according to Seer, this time it would be a girl.

However, the fortune teller was repetitive and emphatic in that Piqué will not have a good year, since there was a special letter that announced this to him.

The devil’s card is on Piqué, because it is followed by problems in matters of fraud, in legal matters. In matters of his children with Shakira. Shakira would file a lawsuit so that she can’t see them, ”she said.

In addition to these legal conflicts with Shakira, the former soccer player will also have other personal conflicts.

“He will be surrounded by negative energies, he will have a scandal about his sexuality. There is going to be a person, a soccer player, who is going to declare that he had a relationship with Piqué when he was dating Shakira. The singer knew it, but she accepted it that way, ”she concluded.

Details of the separation agreement between Shakira and Piqué

After weeks of intense negotiations, Shakira and Gerard Piqué reached an agreement on the custody of their children, Sasha and Milan, in early November, in the midst of all the scandal that led to their breakup after twelve years of relationship. At that time, through a brief statement, The couple announced an agreement in which they guaranteed “the well-being” of the little ones.

Said commitment was definitively ‘sealed’, on December 1, when the Colombian and the former FC Barcelona player went, separately, to the Barcelona courts to sign the 20-page document that established, in detail, how custody would be of the children, the time that each parent would spend with them during the year and the fact that the artist will move away from the Catalan capital permanently and thus protect them from the permanent harassment of the press.

After this legal meeting, of which there is already a sentence, neither party can file an appeal.

Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez, creators of the podcast MamarazzisThey detailed the pact reached by Shakira and Gerard Piqué. Although it was already known that in the next few days she and her two children will settle in the United States, the journalists explained other aspects.

According to the journalists, after Gerard Piqué accepted that Shakira and their children will move to Miami, andShe accepted that the vacation periods were for the former soccer player, as well as that they lived for 10 days a month with the former culé player.

“In the three vacation periods throughout the school year, Thanksgiving, winter or Christmas and Easter, around ten days each, Milan and Sasha will be entirely with their father. In addition, custody will also be for him ten days of each month and the summer vacations will be distributed in a proportion of around 70/30% in favor of the Barcelonan, “said Ramón Tamborero, the former soccer player’s lawyer.

Piqué will be able to go to see them as many times as he wants and the expenses of these trips will be borne by both of them. However, one of the clauses of the signed agreement is that the former Barcelona defender will not be able to settle in Miami.

Behind this decision of the singer would be a detail that is not minor: If Sasha and Milan’s father decided to settle in that city in the future, the path to fully shared custody would be clear.

Piqué, according to his lawyer, will use the time with his children so that they do not lose their attachment to the family they have in Barcelona, ​​since it is established that he can travel to the United States to be there with his children, as well as pick them up and take them with him. .