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There is no doubt that for Lionel Messi, Antonela Roccuzzo is a fundamental pillar in his life. Rosario accompanies her husband in every competition and important moment of her career, along with her three sons: Thiago, Mateo and Ciro.

With Argentina’s victory over France in the Qatar 2022 World Cup final, “La pulga” became the man of the moment, since, in his retirement from the World Cup, he managed to win the trophy he had dreamed of many times.

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Evolution of Antonela Roccuzzo since she met Lionel Messi

With Messi in everyone’s sights, the Rosario influencer is not far behind, as the soccer star’s wife drew everyone’s attention for the great support she gives her husband and their love story becomes relevant, since, with a discreet relationship, there are many unknown details of both.

It was in adolescence when Rocuzzo and Messi met thanks to a cousin of the model named Lucas Scaglia. The young man played with the Paris Saint-Germain striker in the Newell’s Old Boys children’s team and they were good friends, wrote Hello!.

Lucas invited Messi one summer to spend the holidays with his family and there he met Antonela. They were both just children, but from the moment they first saw each other they fell in love.

Antonela was dedicated to gymnastics in her adolescence and Messi played in his native Rosario. The young lovers began a relationship, but it had to end when the soccer player left Argentina for Europe to follow his dream.

Meanwhile, Antonela entered the University of Rosario to study Dentistry and later Communication Sciences, and then Nutrition, but did not finish her studies, according to Vanity Fair.

Rocuzzo suffered a heavy loss and Messi was his support. The model and influencer lost her best friend in a traffic accident and the footballer’s consolation was crucial for her to cope with the situation.

In this way, in 2004 FC Barcelona gave Messi the opportunity to make his debut at the age of 17 and by 2006 he managed to be an indispensable player in the team, which allowed him to stabilize and now come of age, He took his great love to Spain.

In 2008 he confirmed his relationship with Rocuzzo, after keeping him low profile and since it became known who the girlfriend of “the Argentine soccer promise” was, in 2009 Antonela began to be harassed by the press.

For the year 2017, the couple married in their native Rosario after having their first two children Thiago and Mateo, born in 2012 and 2015 respectively. While, in March 2018 Ciro was born.

Regarding her family environment, she is the daughter of José Roccuzzo and Patricia Blanco, owners of a supermarket. Also, she is the second of three sisters. (AND)

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