This is the funny series in which Nicola Coughlan, actress of ‘Bridgerton’ participates – New Woman

A new series has arrived on Netflix to capture the attention of the young audience. Is about derrygirls, a plot in which Nicola Coughlan, one of the main actresses of ‘bridgerton’ and that is being called to a large number of very high-end productions.

This story is a sample of it, because it is one of the most ambitious projects that came to the streaming service to create impact through the diverse theme that it has and that ranges from the presentation of political, economic conflicts to social and how these influence in one way or another on young people facing the cessation of conflicts in Northern Ireland. This is how, through a group of teenagers, subplots are presented that invite you to stay “hooked” with their crises, thoughts and actions.

Everything It takes place in the year 1990 and how in a strict school of nuns a group of girls tries to be against several of the rules that exist in this institution and from there a series of fun and unimaginable events arise.

‘Derry Girls’ is the series in which Nicola Coughlan, actress of ‘Bridgerton’ participates

One of the reasons why ‘Derry Girls’ has caught everyone’s attention is because of its fun conception in which a group of teenagers go against all the rules even imposed by society and the conflicts that exist in it. Therefore, his synopsis summarizes much of what It can be triggered during the 6 chapters that make up its, so far, two seasons that are available on Netflix.

“In the midst of political conflict in Northern Ireland in the 1990s, five students face the worst universal catastrophe: adolescence.” From here all the pranks, actions and challenges that each of these young people face to gain more courage during the hard stage of youth in which they have various internal conflicts and those who try to find a solution on their own are evident.

Also is a story full of interesting historical eventualitiesespecially for those who like to digest this type of situation in which its protagonists have very different, representative, dominant and even complacent profiles with which many boys can identify.

Furthermore, in her there is also space to discover the tastes, passions, as well as everything these girls think about life and what happens in their environment, so it will be interesting to see if you are passionate about this type of stories in which important messages about loyalty, love, friendship and being aware of what you want for the future are presented.

And as if that were not enough, it has the presence of one of the most sought after actresses of ‘Bridgerton’ as is Nicola who has earned the affection, respect and admiration of the public that has been fascinated with his charisma, dedication and talent in this and all the productions in which he is a part.