This is The House of Celebrities 2

Came the day. This Tuesday, May 10, the doors of “La Casa de los Famosos” open to live a second season full of adventures, laughter and challenges to solve with 17 new personalities who enter the house ready to give everything and win the coveted prize of 200 thousand dollars.

Laura Bozzo, Niurka Marcos, Salvador Zerboni and Ivonne Montero are some of the controversial celebrities who will participate in this opportunity, so there is a lot of expectation to find out what they really are like now that they will be watched 24/7 without filters by the cameras that will be broadcast on live.

The program begins today at 7 pm (Mexico time) and will be hosted by Héctor Sandarti and Jimena Gallego. A few days ago, it was possible to learn a little about the new facilities since “La Invasión” was carried out, a special of the program where hosts and influencers of the channel were invited to live a mini-experience similar to the one that will begin today.

There, viewers of the program were able to see inside what the new house is like where the celebrities will live for 3 months.

Toni Costa, Osvaldo Ríos, Julia Gama, Eduardo Rodríguez, Lewis Mendoza, Daniella Navarro, Rafael Nieves, Mayeli Alonso, Juan Vidal, Brenda Zambrano, Natalia Alcocer, Nacho Casano, Luis ¨Potro” Caballero, complete the group for this new season. They are ready?