This is the life of Clara Chía Marti: the Catalan does not live with Piqué, she practices Pilates and yoga, she is part of a middle-class family and the daughter of a passionate lawyer for the Culé team | People | Entertainment

There is no TV show or magazine that I have been able to get an interview with Clara Chia Marti. No one, except those close to him, knows his voice or what his character is like. The girlfriend of Gerard Piqué It turned out to be an ordinary girl who earned a living while pursuing her higher studies.

Many would like to know if he really “has the name of a good person”, as he wrote Shakira in his last song with Bizarrap, but the truth is that little is known about the young woman the former soccer player decided to put everything aside to live his new love story.

For months, Piqué tried to hide his networks and photos to keep the young woman low-key and away from the media, who were intensely looking for the face of the Colombian singer’s rival.

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The life of Clara, Piqué’s girlfriend who is still hidden on social networks

And if her name became the most famous in recent times, after the song in which Shakira clearly refers to Clara Chía, the press paid even more attention to her.

Dozens of fake Instagram accounts bear his name with the faces of blonde girls, while his profile remains private, with few posts and only following 175 users, including the former Barcelona defender. However, it was her boyfriend who made her more famous by posting a romantic photo of the two of them, thus making her relationship official.

Although many claim that he already lives in the bachelor apartment of the owner of Kosmos, this is not the case. The newspaper La Vanguardia assures that Clara Chía still lives with her parents, a “well-to-do middle class” family in which she had academic studies in the main schools in Barcelona, ​​where she was able to rub shoulders with influential people in society. Catalonia.

The 23-year-old tries to lead a life framed in the routine that she used to lead in the past, before becoming the woman who replaced Shakira in the heart of the former Spanish soccer player. And despite being on everyone’s lips, the media still can’t find out what her family environment is like and who her friends are.

Being the girlfriend of the CEO of the Kosmos company, Clara has taken refuge at home doing telework so as not to deal with the media or people who recognize her on the street.

Day by day, the couple has become inseparable. The young woman is Piqué’s best support and in his latest project, the Kings League, she accompanies him to matches, where she was seen in the stands a short distance from her boyfriend, who later joined her to kiss her romantically.

At just 23, the blonde with a slender figure maintains her physique by practicing yoga and Pilates, these disciplines being her biggest hobby since the Serotonin Studio fitness center.

He comes from a middle-class family.

Catalan by birth, Clara Chía was born in 1999 into a middle-class family in Barcelona, ​​where she had the opportunity to build friendly relations in high-class environments.

His father, a lawyer, is passionate about football and the culé team, an organization that is like a religion for the Piqué Bernabeu. However, the young woman is not a follower of this sport in which the grandfather of the former Barcelona number 3 was one of the directors.

Until now it is unknown if the two families, Piqué’s and Clara’s, have already met in the midst of the gale and the media attention they receive daily.

The truth is that the former player has already introduced his girlfriend to his parents, and for months she has been received in that home as the new woman who has fallen in love with the eldest son of Montserrat Bernabeu. (AND)

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