This is the luxurious collection of cars that Kylian Mbappé owns: the PSG footballer has a driver, because he doesn’t know how to drive or is worried about having a driver’s license | People | Entertainment

Although France failed to win the World Cup again, the name of kylian mbappe He was one of those who was filled with glory in the World Cup Qatar 2022. The soccer player continues to add victories for his career in which he still has a lot to reap at just 24 years of age, with a fortune with which he can give himself many pleasures, such as the million-dollar collection of cars that he owns.

The Paris Saint Germain (PSG) striker is known worldwide as “the jewel of French football”, knowing the great sporting potential he has and his young age, which is why he is currently one of the most desired players by any team European.

Mbappé is a person who is jealous of his private life. However, the media delve into the steps taken by the young athlete and manage to review his hobbies, among which the selection of vehicles he has and the brands he prefers stand out.

Kylian Mbappé doesn’t know how to drive, but he has an incredible collection of vehicles

Fame, money and luxury cars, is usually the perfect triangle that characterizes successful elite footballers, among which Kylian Mbappé stands out, who is one of the few players who does not boast luxurious Bugatti models on his Instagram account, Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

For some it may be part of one of the eccentricities of the young Frenchman, but the truth is that 6 years ago he was able to get his license, after turning 18, but neither this document nor learning to drive were his priorities, to the point that he has a driver. that takes it everywhere, specified El País.

Since he became part of PSG, the Parisian club made a driver, a butler and a bodyguard available to him, and in this way he has not had the need to get behind the wheel of the cars and in the photos he is always seen getting out of the rear of different models of the Volkswagen.

MDZOL reviews the benefits of the vehicles in which Kylian Mbappé travels, all of the renowned German brand.

Mercedes Benz V-Class

The Mercedes Benz, V class is a special vehicle to transport large numbers of passengers, up to 8 to be precise, providing all the comfort that this German brand can design in its vehicles. For a price of 140 thousand dollars, it is equipped with sliding side doors, first-class technology, a 7-speed automatic transmission and can reach a speed of 100 km in 11.1 seconds.

This family van has movable leather seats and a central work table that allows passengers to carry out office work in complete comfort, while traveling.

volkswagen tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan model is the other design from which Kylian has come down when it comes to arriving at the PSG stadium. This car is extremely comfortable, with all the safety accessories (equipped with 6 airbags) for passengers and also has a unique elegance.

According to the brand, it is one of the cheapest, at a price of just over 61 thousand dollars, with an engine that provides power and 8 speeds, as well as a memorable driving experience.

Ferrari Hybrid SF90 Stradale

Mbappé has 2 Ferrari models and one of them is the Hybrid SF90 Stradale, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that combines the combustion engine with 3 electric ones, two of which are independent and are located on the front axle and the third on the back. rear.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it has a market price of $450,000 and is equipped with an 8-cylinder engine, so it can reach 100 kilometers per hour in 2.5 seconds.

Ferrari 488 Track

For a value of 560 thousand dollars, the Ferrari 488 replaced the Ferrari 458, and among its changes is the power of its engine that reaches a maximum speed of 340 kilometers per hour. One of the most striking features is its low height of 1.21 meters and its great width, 1.95 meters. (AND)

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