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The members of the group RBD They will return to the stage with their new world tour this 2023 after 15 years of absence and a fan base that clamored to see them live again. Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckermann, Christian Chávez they will return with their uniforms Rebel although with the great absence of Alfonso Herrera.

The artists achieved fame since they starred the soap opera Rebelde and they managed to travel the whole world with their songs. Now each of them has followed a different path with their careers, and add a few dollars in their accounts.

This is how luxurious the life of the RBD is

anahí bridge

The actress and singer decided to move away from the screens after marrying Manuel Velasco Coelloformer Governor of the State of Chiapas, and welcome his children Manuel and Emiliano, but he has a life full of luxuries.

the remembered Mia Colucci has a fortune valued at 10 million dollars according to the portal Celebrity Net Worth. Through his social networks, he usually shows off his yacht rides, his trips to different countries, outings to large restaurants and a mansion where they have different amenities such as gym, swimming pool, recreation area, And till musical instruments.

Sweet Maria

the fortune of Roberta Pardo ascends the 12 million dollars and it is the one that has managed to raise the most money thanks to its role as actress, singer, businesswoman and model.

The singer also has a Mansion where many would like to live with an exclusive area to sing and play instruments, an outdoor space to enjoy an evening and different rooms with all their comforts.

Maite Perroni

Lupita Fernandez, name of his character in the telenovela has forged a heritage of 6 million dollars What singer, actress and model.

The wife of Andres Tovar She usually keeps her private life quite protected but every now and then she gives a look at her luxurious mansion that she is surely now preparing to welcome her first child.

Christopher Uckerman

The actor has been the furthest away from the show by pausing his career for a while. However, he has a fortune of 6 million dollars after what was won in the group and its advertising contracts.

Through their social media He often boasts of his trips to different countries.

Christian Chavez

The Mexican actor has continued to be linked to acting, participating in different soap operas and series. And his heritage is from 1.2 million dollarsaccording to the portal Idol Net World.

He too model boasts his luxuries that he usually indulges in each of his trips to different countries where he enjoys restaurants, beaches, excursions and night parties.

Alfonso Herrera

Although he will not join the tour, his fans still consider him part of RBD. Poncho He has had a successful acting career filled with big productions like Sense8 and some movie proposals. According to the portal celebsagewiki its capital is 3.5 million.

Like some of his colleagues, he is constantly traveling due to his work and has rarely shown his home, but we know that he has a large garden set with games and trampolines for your children. In addition, it has a modern style with state-of-the-art appliances.