This is the millionaire life of the twin daughters of Julio Iglesias

The twin daughters of Julio Iglesias and Miranda rijnsburger, Cristina and Victoria they have lived a millionaire life of luxury and debauchery since they arrived on planet Earth. The two sisters have been able to travel and live in different parts of the world such as Miami or Malaga. In addition, they have never had to go to school to study, like the rest of the humans, if not a personalized tutor would go to their place of residence to teach them the different subjects. With a life completely different from that of the rest of the adolescents, they have been able to dedicate a lot of time to their true hobby: horse riding. They are some category Amazons and that is why she has her own stable in Ojén, Málaga.

The twins are very active on their social media profiles and often post images in which They boast of their father’s luxurious homes, from hotels or making incredible plans. However, not all of them are going to be leisure moments for young women, now they have focused on a new professional project: a line of vitamin products and natural supplements for women. In this initiative they have had the advice of experts in medicine. Influencers are also very interested in the fashion industry. In fact, one year they attended the most famous gala in New York, the MET gala, where they wore a spectacular design of Oscar de la Renta.

Cristina and Victoria they are very close to their father, a few weeks ago they did not hesitate to post a photo to congratulate the singer on his 78th birthday: “Happy Father’s Day to the one and only. I love you”Victoria wrote next to a carousel of pretty family photos. And the thing is, the well-known Spanish singer is getting older but is going through a good time regarding his state of health:“I’m great, neither sick nor depressed”, he claimed.

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The never seen photos of Julio Iglesias’ twins for their birthday

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