this is the relationship of Piqué’s mother with her children Milan and Sasha

In the last days the bad relationship Come in Shakira and Montserrat Bernabeu, Piqué’s mother, has sparked great controversy. And it is that after a 2015 video went viral, it became clear that the singer’s former mother-in-law was not the kindest to her.

In it clip Mrs. Bernabeu is seen arguing with the Colombian, presumably for having worn “inappropriate” clothing to an event to which she accompanied the former soccer player. At one point you can see how she shuts her up and then holds her by her cheeks while Piqué sees everything without intervening.

While Internet users have come out to defend the interpreter of Hips Don’t Lie, It has transpired that she has forbidden her children to call her grandmother, which has divided opinions.

Although it is not specified what this prohibition refers to, many have theorized that it is because of the same bad relationship of Shakira with Bernabeu.

Of course, Spanish media seem to be showing “the other side of the coin”, assuring that Piqué’s mother has always been a grandmother attentive to her grandchildren.

Montserrat has been captured on some occasions with Sasha and Milan. Since they were little, the grandmother was present in her life, helping Shakira to take care of them. She was also seen with them in the boxes at Piqué soccer matches.

As revealed, grandparents love milan and sasha and they have always taken care of them, “despite having nannies, they end up having dinner and doing their homework at their grandparents’ house”. It was Montserrat who recommended that Piqué sign the custody agreement allowing Shakira to move to Miami with her children for the good of all, reported The National.

It has also been reported that Montserrat Bernabeu He has been sad about the situation and that he only seeks to recover the affection of his grandchildren, according to testimonies compiled by the media readings.

The same magazine assures that the lady has asked Piqué to stop “provoking” and that she wants to win back the love of his grandsons, it seems that the Colombian is determined to make them point and separate.

The Spanish journalist Mayte Ametlla in the program ‘Save me’from Telecinco, assured that what Shakira has done with the song against Piquém Clara Chia and Montserrat has caused a negative reaction in the family of the former FC Barcelona soccer player. The Colombian has even been accused of turning Sasha and Milan against their father and paternal grandparents.

And while the questions about Shakira’s relationship with her former in-laws and her children with their paternal grandparents continue, there has been talk of the great difference that exists with maternal grandparents.

Although Shakira is usually very discreet about her family life, there have been a few occasions when she has shown her parents William Mebarak Chadid and Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado. The good relationship of the Colombian with her parents meant that she always instilled in her that love for their grandparents to their children.

In a 2015 interview with the Cartagena newspaper The Universel, William Mebarak described.

Upon Milanthe eldest said: “He is an intelligent, restless child, So much so that he imitates his father in soccer and hits the ball with both feet, that is, he is ambidextrous. And he also likes what his mother Shakira does. He’s a very, very talented kid.” And about Sashawho was a baby at the time: “Sasha is very small and is quieter than Milan, but they are both quite restless.”