This is the song the Santa Fe Klan sings to his mom

At 22 years old, the Santa Fe Klan has achieved overwhelming success in Mexican Rap and Trap, but his mother is a key player in this story of triumphs that the famous rapper from Guanajuato has achieved.

The parents of the Santa Fe Klan were the first to support him so that he will fight for his dream of singing this popular genre, in which he has devastated his peculiar style, since he has made large crowds sing at his concerts.

The singer, in addition to being grateful to his parents, also shows them his love through his music, and one of his first songs he dedicated to his mother is called ‘Querida madre’, which has been available on digital platforms since 2017 for Enjoy.

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There is also a video on YouTube where you can see the Santa Fe Klan singing this song in front of his mother, he composed it especially for her.

Without a doubt, the Santa Fe Klan has made a waste of talent and peculiar style, the rapper’s personality has caused an impact and has been placed as one of the most listened to in recent times.

In the images, the young man can be seen with a shy and nervous appearance, with a notebook in his hands to remember each phrase of the song in which he thanks his mother for everything she has given him. Santa Fe Klan closes the video with a hug that lasts a few seconds, thus moving all his followers.

You give me your advice, you know me better than anyone. Having a mother like you makes me great, says Santa Fe Klan.

These are some of the verses that Ángel Quezada wrote to his mother in those years, hence an intense wave was unleashed among all his YouTube followers, who do not stop watching that video that has caused such a stir.

You can see the simplicity of the young man and the love for the being that gave him life, he inherited them from the values ​​that his parents instilled in him and encouraged him along the path of good, turning him into a talented musician.

Since its inception, the Santa Fe Klan has remained close to its roots, mainly to its family. Despite the success and fortune that he has generated in recent years, the young man is still present next to his parents.

Just a few days ago they were seen sharing Maya Nazor’s Baby Shower, who will be the mother of her first-born Luca, who will soon be in the arms of his father and grandparents who will surely consent.

The accordionist does not stop expressing the love he has for his parents through his music, which is why one of his first songs was dedicated to his mother. In some images he shows the union that exists between his family.

The Rap exponent was seen in the Santa Fe neighborhood, where he lived for years with his parents, there he grew up until he became known and bought them a new house, which now also enjoys the success of his son.

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It should be noted that the house where the Santa Fe Klan grew up was not forgotten, now it is an official store of the famous man, who has plans to implement a school to teach young people who want to learn about tattoos, music and other trades, in order to open way in the world to give work to the new generations.

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