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What do celebrities do when they get bored with their mansions? They treat themselves to luxurious vacations on private beaches, beautiful paradises and exclusive places to take a well-deserved rest. In this way, celebrities spoil their family, with yachts of more than 200 million euros.

The luxurious holidays of celebrities

Shakira in Dubai

The singer decided to take a break from all the media attention that her break with Gerard Piqué generated. Despite the fact that she had traveled to Italy with Sasha and Milan, Shakira decided to “seek serenity” in nothing more and nothing less than one of the most expensive destinations in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, the place where she celebrated Christmas.

Aguilar family in Paris

In April 2022, the Aguilar family decided to relax in the French capital, where they shared some expensive looks while visiting the Parisian streets, from brands like Gucci and Givenchy, the same ones that Ángela Aguilar used to visit the Palace of Versailles and the Eiffel Tower.

Belinda and Jared Leto in Italy

After her breakup with Christian Nodal, Belinda showed us the best way to let go and move on, with a well-deserved vacation in the summer of 2022. The singer traveled with her dear friend Jared Leto from ’30 Seconds to Mars’ to Olbia, Italy, where he did not lose a moment to take pictures and show his yacht ride along the Italian beaches.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez in Majorca

Cristiano Ronaldo’s family traveled by private jet to Mallorca, where they enjoyed its beautiful beach and turquoise waters, they also enjoyed large outdoor banquets, video games, tennis and soccer courts, among other amenities, this is not all, because They took advantage of the moment to celebrate Junior’s 12th birthday, who was accompanied by his loved ones.

Angelica Rivera in Aspen

At the end of 2020, the actress and former first lady of Mexico, Angélica Rivera, took her three daughters to Aspen, Colorado, to enjoy some cold and snowy days, Sofía Castro took advantage of the moment to show off her vacations in the white spots that nature gave them, they were also caught shopping with some expensive clothes like Balenciaga and Goldbergh Luxury Sport (an exclusive winter sportswear brand) whose value is around 1,100 dollars.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z in Croatia on (200 million yacht)

If it’s about a vacation reference, Beyoncé and Jay-Z spare no expense when it comes to their break, it was in mid-September that they decided to relax after the release of the singer’s latest album ‘Renaissance’ on the shores of Dubrovnik , Croatia, where they rented a yacht called ‘Faith’ whose value would be around 4 million euros a week and this transport is almost a resort.

It has a series of incredible amenities such as six mega-suites, cinema, gym, spa, pool, piano, lounge with fireplace, heliport and a garage for boats, jet skis and other aquatic objects.

David Beckham and Victor Beckham in Saint-Tropez

The Beckhams are not far behind when it comes to vacations, as they are another family that entered a luxurious yacht to visit some of the most beautiful beaches in France. Just renting this ‘megayacht’ costs 1.6 million euros a week and has different amenities such as a cinema, dance floor, jacuzzi, gym, karaoke and a 12-meter pool, all for enjoying a well-deserved vacation.