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Just two days after returning to “This is War”, Anthony Aranda He starred in a tense moment with members of his own team, for supporting the permanence of Rafael Cardozo despite the fact that he was accused of cheating.

The ‘Activator’ did not hesitate a second to challenge the “Warriors” considering that the Brazilian model was being judged unfairly. As he explained, he believes Cardozo was not unsportsmanlike.

His decision was like a bucket of cold water for Johanna San Miguel, who was astonished to see that the dancer had decided to support the opposing team. Faced with this situation, the “Mama Leona” asked the production that Anthony Aranda stop wearing the “Warriors” shirt.

For me, Anthony should no longer have this shirt”, Said the presenter, who also asked the production to speed up the extreme circuit that will define whether Gino Assereto or Anthony Aranda stays on the program.

What most caught the attention of the public is that Johanna San Miguel did not have this same reaction when Fabio Agostini Y michelle soifer also voted in favor of Raphael Cardozo.

Anthony Aranda votes for Rafael Cardozo to stay on EEG
Anthony Aranda votes for Rafael Cardozo to stay on EEG

Rafael Cardozo stays in the program

After being suspended for allegedly cheating during the aquatic competition, this Friday it was finally confirmed that Rafael Cardozo will stay on the program and continue to be the captain of the “Combatientes”.

The permanence of the reality boy was put to a vote and in addition to his team, it was the spectators and three members of the “Warriors” who defined that he continue in competition.


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