This is what Benny Ibarra said about the case of his ‘sister’ Sasha and his uncle Luis de Llano

Because he promoted the Cumbia Machine Tour show on the ‘Hoy’ program, it was inevitable that they would question Benny Ibarra about the case of abuse that her great friend Sasha Sökol denounced against the singer’s uncle, Luis de Llano.

Let us remember that Benny is the son of Julissa, sister of Luis de Llano; however, he also grew up with Sasha, so he regards her as a sister to her. so when Andrea Legarreta asked his opinion on the case, he said:

“It is a very sensitive issue that has caused a lot of pain in the family. She is my family, my sister, Luis is a man I love very much who has been important in life. It is difficult for me to talk about the subject because 90% of people They end up using it as a cannonball and I can’t lend to that”.

Benny assured: “To the people to whom I already had to communicate, I already did it privately.”

“Obviously it is difficult to judge at this time when we are all tremendous vigilantes through social networks”, and reflected on his position as a father, since he considers that the education of children must be taken care of.

“As the father of María and Mateo, it is clear that it is a delicate issue that we have to take care of ourselves, we have to be on top of our children’s education. It is very delicate. The only thing I can give is to send love. I send you love, from We have to work there.”