This is what Biby Gaytán looked like when he was young

Biby Gaytan is one of the most famous and beloved actresses in Mexico. Although she makes a while she is away from the screen, along the path she garnered a loyal audience that today continues and encourages social networking, where she shares the family life of her and the different looks of it.

What is striking about Gaytán is that he retains a physical appearance that seems not to have passed the years. In his most recent Instagram posts, where he has 1.5 million followers, he surprises with youthful, jovial and very funny looks.

Gaytán stands out today for the beauty that it still conserves and for its “eternal youth”. Some say that the actress has been tinkering aesthetic as Botox or filler in her lips, although it is not known exactly if she indeed she has encouraged touching her face.

Many of her fans defend her and assure that the actress preserves the natural and that sometimes the excess of makeup makes her look even younger at 50 years old. The truth is that constant exercise, good nutrition and her self-esteem do their part to keep her as she is today.

Gaytán, who has been married to Eduardo Capetillo since 1994 and with whom she formed a large family of five children, has always drawn attention for her beauty, charisma and good humor, and the photos from years ago prove it.