This is what Cesia Sáenz, favorite of La Academia, looks like without her curls

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.-during a concert of The Academy: 20 years, the pretty Ana Barbara compared to Cesia Saenz with a “lioness” due to her character and her imposing curly mane. Arturo López Gavito did the same when he told him “today the lioness of Honduras roared”. It turns out that she has always been seen with her moisturized curls, however, on her social networks there are traces of her straight hair.

It all happened at Christmas 2018, when the artist from El Porvenir, Comayagua, decided to try a completely different look. For that December time, she opted for straight hair, jeans and heels. She seemed like a different person!

Due to her great popularity in the singing contest, thousands of fans came across the image posted four years ago and commented that they prefer her with her cute curls.

“Your curly hair is more beautiful”, “you look very pretty straight, but you are spectacular with your curly hair”, “wow, it looks cute too”, reads some comments from her fans who have not stopped sending her everything your support through social networks.

This is how Cesia Sáenz looks without her curls.  What look do you prefer?

How to vote for Cesia Sáenz?

Honduran talent echoes through the artist Cesia Sáenz, who with her artistic performance impresses the judges of La Academia: 20 años, the popular singing contest. This is how you can vote:

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