This is what Dominik’s best friend says about his favorites!

This year’s season of “The Bachelor” is slowly coming to an end. Only three women are left, between whom Rosenkavalier Dominik Stuckmann, 30, has to decide. But for whom does his heart beat the highest? His best buddy Marc recently revealed his assessment. If you haven’t watched the current episode yet, watch out for SPOILERS!

“The Bachelor”: Dominik chose these women in the final

Yesterday evening (03/16) flickered the semifinals of “The Bachelor” on the German television screens. The candidates were allowed to meet Dominik Stuckmann’s mother. After the talks with the women, she did too a clear opinionwhich she honestly told her son:

In terms of feeling, what would suit you best is Jana-Maria, Nele and Christina.

Mom had a good nose for two women, but Dominik decided at the end of the episode to send Christina home. Now stand Nele, Jana-Maria and Anna in the final:

Who will the 30-year-old choose in the end? is still in the stars. However, his best friend already has a tendency.

“The Bachelor”: That’s what his best friend says about his selection

He’s the one who knows Dominik inside and out: His best buddy Marc. The two went through thick and thin when they were still at school. So who would know better who suits the Rosenkavalier better than Marc? In the official bachelor podcast on “Audio Now” he revealed that Dominik’s queen of hearts should definitely be spontaneous. As for the three finalists, Marc believes that Nele and Anna best suit the 30-year-old, because both “wrap Dominik quite well around his finger”. However, Nele can also score well thanks to her job and character. Marc thinks they are each other “push quite well in everyday life”. Jana-Maria is the one who doesn’t think he’s a perfect match for Dominik. The bachelor’s school friend finds pretty harsh words about her:

Meanwhile, I have to say I find them annoying.

Ultimately, however, Dominik has to decide for himself which woman he will give his last rose to.

Viewers can see how “The Bachelor” continues on Wednesdays at 8:15 p.m. on RTL or at any time RTL+.

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