This is what happens to the imposter in prison

The German-Russian imposter Anna Sorokin even has a good time in prison. With money, a “luxury” life is apparently possible there too.

the essentials in brief

  • The case of Anna Sorokin became world famous through the Netflix series «Inventing Anna».
  • The impostor posed as a rich heiress in New York’s high society.
  • In prison, her fellow inmates still think she’s super rich.

The German-Russian scammer became known around the world through the Netflix series “Inventing Anna”. Using nasty tricks, Anna Sorokin tried to lead a life of luxury in New York’s high society. The 31-year-old pretended to be a wealthy heiress, but lied to her friends and needed their credit cards.

She therefore had to serve a prison sentence from 2019 to 2021. She is now under arrest again. But she is not satisfied with water and bread in prison – quite the opposite.

In the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, she now reports out of the jail and shows off her luxury imprisonment! “If you have money here, you don’t really have to do anything.”

Have you ever been booked?

Anna Sorokin also poses as a wealthy person behind bars. “They think I’m super rich. They don’t really care where the money comes from.” Because: The German-Russian pays her fellow inmates to do the tasks for her!

Anna Sorokin should be deported

Anna only has to cut corners when it comes to styling. For better or worse, she has to be content with a yellow jumpsuit and an orange hoodie. The inmates are unable to get her branded clothes – despite the large amount of money that is said to have come from her bank.

Actually, the imposter should have been deported to Germany last week. Reason: She has exceeded her residence permit in the USA, which is why she is now under arrest again.

However, her lawyers were able to prevent a deportation at the last second. However, another application is already in the pipeline.

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