This is what is known about the murder of Andrés and Jorge Tirado

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- A two-story house with a neglected facade, but located in the romea place with bourgeois residences in the heart of the Mexico Citybecame the scene of a gruesome crime that has shocked the art world.

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For several months seven people lived together in the same home, but they fought over the property. One assured that she deserved it for having been the sentimental partner of the owner, who died in May, while the other was the sister of the deceased.

The ambition was so great that it seized a nurse, her daughter and son-in-law. As the woman alleged, she tried to keep the property on the grounds that she had been the owner’s partner, but she was never able to legally prove it.

By your side, Daisy Maria Eight72 years old, sister of the owner of the old house, moved from Jalisco with her husband Luis Gonzalez73 years old, to Mexico City to recover the house to later sell it.

his nephews, Andres Tiradoa well-known actor, and his brother Jorge Tirado, a popular musician, had recently moved in with them. Their careers were on the rise, but they never imagined that they would be the victims of a heinous crime.

motive of the crime

Since December 16, the close friends of Jorge and Andrés Tirado began to worry about them, since they had not heard anything in several hours. The weather became more distressing, so a complaint was made and their photographs began to go viral on social networks to help find their whereabouts.

The son of Margarita and Luis also began to worry and traveled from Jalisco to Mexico City to look for them, but Blanca, the nurse who lived on the ground floor, her daughter and son-in-law, did not let him go so she filed a complaint for dispossession, the violent robbery of a property before the Territorial Investigation Prosecutor’s Office in Cuauhtémoc.

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Following the complaint, members of the City Security Secretariat arrived at Medellin 113 and they were also prevented from entering until they obtained a court order and access to the property was possible.

It was there that they found the gruesome scene in a cellar-type room. The bodies of Andrés, Jorge and their uncle Luis had been bound hand and foot and had tape on their heads. As it became known, the three men had their throats cut, however they left Margarita alive. They had her deprived of her freedom. It is still unknown why.

Contradictions in statements

Blanca Hilda was hired as a nurse to take care of the older adult who owned the house. One of the agreements was that she could live in the apartment on the ground floor of the building, where she took her daughter Sally and her son-in-law Azuher.

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The three people, who were the initial witnesses, had said that armed men entered the house and attacked the three victims, however there were contradictions in their statements, for which they were arrested.

The authorities began an investigation and so far they assure that apparently there are no other people involved, for which they affirm that the material authors are the three detainees.