This is what Juanpa Zurita looks like after undergoing nose surgery

Juanpa Zurita alarmed all his followers by announcing that he was going to go through the operating room. The actor and influencer underwent an operation on his nose to end a disease that he has suffered from for a long time. Fortunately, the surgery was successful and Zurita is currently recovering at his home.

It was he himself who shared details of how he feels and what happened to his almost 29 million followers on Instagram. “What a tremendous odyssey I’ve had with my respiratory system. I’ve been around 4 years where every 3 to 4 months I always get sinusitis,” he began narrating.

He continued: “For the fifteenth time, the doctor told me that this was only going to get worse with time and that it is not good to be taking so much medicine because it damages the liver. So surgery was the best option.”

The actor commented that six years ago he had already had surgery but that less than a year after that he hurt his nose again. “It was in one of my chocoadventures. Apparently that was enough for my septum to go crooked and over time, like the tower of Pisa, it got worse,” he added.

“I am excited to be able to breathe 100%, I am excited to stop being limited by my nose and more than anything, I am grateful that you can intervene and take care of my health. Thank you, Doctor Medrano, you are a bullet,” closed Zurita, who continues to grow professionally. , recently with his own taqueria and his own show on HBO.