This is what leading actor Ricky Schroder looks like today

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Of: Claire Weiss


It has been a tradition for 40 years: every year on the Friday before Christmas, the first shows the classic “The Little Lord”. It goes without saying that the main actor has changed quite a bit during this time.

Richard “Ricky” Bartlett Schroder (52) made his screen debut at the age of nine. At that time he received a high award for his portrayal of Timothy Joseph Flynn in The Champ. In 1980 he was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Young Actor. In the same year he had his worldwide breakthrough as a child star, in the role of little Lord Fauntleroy in the film “The Little Lord”.

After “The Little Lord”: Ricky Schroder starts his career in TV and film

But his roles as a child star were only the beginning of a successful career. Ricky Schroder has appeared in numerous films and series to this day. For example, he was seen in the popular TV show “Scrubs” where he played the male nurse “Paul Flowers”.

This is what leading actor Ricky Schroder looks like today
Ricky Schroder in 1980 and 2022. © Imago & Instagram/Ricky Schroder

42 years after his greatest success, Ricky Schroder has had four children of his own for a long time. He campaigns for children’s rights in various organizations. But recently the actor drew attention to himself with negative headlines.

From child star to conspiracy theorist

In 2019, the “The Little Lord” star was arrested twice for domestic violence. A year later, he lobbied for suspected double killer Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot and killed two people during the Kenosha protests. Rittenhouse was later acquitted – the shots were counted as self-defense.

He recently came out as a mask opponent and conspiracy theorist. Since then, there have been no new TV or film offers. In 2021, he uploaded a video to social media showing him attacking a supermarket worker who was reminding him to wear a mask. Because he spreads “false information” on Instagram, he has already been punished by the social network.

“The Neverending Story” is also one of the most popular Christmas classics. However, Atreyu actor Noah Hathaway is hardly recognizable today. Sources used:, Instagram/Ricky Schroder