This is what Mireya Fuentes looks like 16 years after the novel

When it premiered in 2006, the Colombian telenovela The daughter of the mariachi captured the taste of the public with a great love story to the sound of the rancheras and its unforgettable characters.

Among these, one of the most remembered by the public is Mireya Fuentesthe lover and right hand of Don Carlos Malagon at the bar Garibaldi Squarewhere the plots take place.

Within the successful production, this arrogant woman is in charge of running the bar harshly and mistreats all employees of the establishment because she feels like the owner of the business.

Look at "The daughter of the mariachi"

In addition, she is the enemy of the protagonist, Rosario Guerrero, because she is jealous of her. However, behind all this, Mireya hides the pain that she goes through in silence.

Behind this character in the story, written by Mónica Agudelo, was the actress Luisa Fernanda Giraldo. At that time, the star had already been shining on television for several years.

Since then, 16 years have passed in which the renowned Colombian interpreter, logically, has changed.

The look Mireya’s current in The daughter of the mariachi

Today, Luisa Fernanda Giraldo is 56 years stepping stronger than ever in the world of acting and her radiant face shows that time has barely passed her by.

After his outstanding antagonistic performance in The daughter of the mariachithe famous has been unstoppable chaining roles in one production after another on different stages.

On television, since the last time she played the memorable Mireya, the actress has given life to different characters in around 16 productionsaccording to Imdb.

Chichipatos (2021), Emma Reyes the imprint of childhood (2021), nurses (2021), I dedicate (2022) and Primate (2022) are the latest projects in which he has shown his talent.

As for the cinema, after the end of The daughter of the mariachithe talented artist has only participated in a feature film called Chichipatos: what a Christmas chimba! (2020).

Meanwhile, in the theater, Giraldo has spread his artistic wings with dedication and has shone with his acting skills in important stagings, such as Bernard Alba.

Regarding his personal life, it is only known that the eternal Mireya Fuentes is the proud mother of a young plastic artist named Gabrielawhom she raised as a single mother.