This is what Pastor José Ángel Llamas, formerly a soap opera heartthrob, currently looks like

José Ángel Llamas changed the television forums, where he established himself as a soap opera heartthrob, for the congregations at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, a church located in South Florida made up of Hispanics.

The name of the former actor went viral on social networks when he discovered how he currently looks, more than a decade after he left the soap operas of TV Azteca, Telemundo and other major television networks.

Together with his wife Mara, he dedicates himself full time to religious work at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, where they arrived since 2009. José Ángel and Mara have been married since August 2004 and have three children; John, Raphael and Michael.

On the church’s website, they describe: “God called José and Mara from the entertainment medium on television and since they met the Lord, their life changed radically, they began their walk in faith and eventually dedicated themselves to the ministry at the time complete”

“José Ángel Llamas has served in Fort Lauderdale in different ministerial positions and God confirmed his call to pastor and teach the Spanish-speaking community during the pandemic, to which he has dedicated himself in recent years. His passion is sharing the gospel in Spanish , disciple and help marriages to find healing through God’s plan.It is an honor for him and his wife Mara that God opened the door of Calvary Chapel Español and be able to receive anyone who wants to listen as a relationship with Jesus, what it changes everything”, they describe on the site.

On social networks, the couple invites everyone to gather:

Gone is that time when José Ángel Llamas lit up television screens with his gallantry. How to forget him in ‘Nothing personal’, a 1996 TV Azteca telenovela where he rose to fame. It was followed by ‘Too much heart’, ‘The love of my life’ and other stories that he did in Latin America, such as ‘La venganza’ in Colombia.

For Telemundo he worked in telenovelas such as ‘La ley del silencio’, ‘Corazón partido’ and then returned to TV Azteca, where he made his last telenovela: ‘Prófugas del destino’.

This is how he currently looks with his children:

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