This is what Professor Inocencia looks like now

Apart from its protagonists and villains, the successful Colombian telenovela Peter the scaly It was full of secondary characters that stuck in the minds of viewers.

Among these, one of the most remembered is Lorenza Inocencia Sabogal Gomezthe teacher of the particular protagonist, Peter Choraland his best friend, Henry Goodat night school.

Within the production, the teacher’s wife William Castro She is a beautiful, elegant, serious and cultured woman, but she is also spiteful, susceptible and capable of anything to get revenge.

In the plot, released in 2001, the also teacher of Yadira Pacheco in college she falls in love with “scaly” while teaching him and expressing his desire to have an affair.

Innocence Sabogal in "Peter the scaly"

However, although he found her attractive and initially played along, decided to reject it because at that moment he had promised himself to remain faithful to his commitment and his girlfriend.

Behind this remembered role was impeccable Liliana Patricia Escobar Noriega. At that time, the Colombian actress was just taking the first steps of her career on television.

Since then, 21 years have passed in which much has happened in his life.

The change of Professor Innocence from Peter the scaly

At the moment, Liliana Escobar heShe is as beautiful as when she embodied the unforgettable teacher Inocencia and continues to shine as an actress in all possible scenarios.

On the small screen, since the end of the melodrama created by Luis Felipe Salamanca and Dago García, the star has been part of the cast of 25 productions in all; according to imdb.

the law of the heart (2016-2017), the mom of 10 (2018), the glory of fighting (2019), the queen of indies and the conqueror (2020) and nurses (2022) are novels in which he has acted.

Also, the graduate Social communication and Journalism She has said present on television as a presenter of cultural programs for various channels and business events.

However, although the small screen has been the medium where she became known and consolidated as an actress, the stage where it has spread its wings without restraint has been the theater.

On stage, the star has wasted his talent giving life to all kinds of characters in countless works who have represented Colombia in festivals in Europe and America.

In particular, staging scenes of the group petra theaterto which he has belonged for years, as Sarah says, hare lip, The cube, Letter from a stranger Y the sunny bastardto name a few.

“Doing theater I started traveling from 2004 until now, experience that for me has been very gratifying (…)”, he expressed in an interview with The Herald from Colombia last year.

“One of the greatest satisfactions of being an actress is being able to reach people with content that moves consciences”, added the integral artist who also speaks Spanish, English and French.

Similarly, he stressed: “I believe in the importance of a fair and equitable society and art allows to show the public realities that they do not know”.

Along with his acting career, the eternal Innocence from Peter the scaly teaches yoga and English classes online. In addition, she has worked as an English translator and interpreter.

Thanks to her training as a social communicator, he has also immersed himself in writing. In fact, according to the aforementioned media, she is involved in two writing lab groups.

In one of these groups, created the story of the short film PMSwhich later materialized as part of the cast of actors and also working in the production.

With this short, he won a prize in the call Big stories with little cameras in 2020, according to El Heraldo. Since then, seeks to expose it in film festivals.

Today, in addition to being current in the world of acting, Escobar updates his fans about his life in your profile on Instagramwhere it has more than 7 thousand followers.