This is what Queen Letizia’s daughter looks like 2 years into the pandemic: Princess Leonor appears alone without a mask, wearing pink jeans and a piercing | People | Entertainment

The princess eleanordaughter of King Philip VI and the queen Letizia from Spain, no longer wears braids or girls’ dresses. The young woman is now a full 16-year-old teenager who was recently seen after 2 years in pandemic with a face mask and other accessories characteristic of his age.

This is how the royal girl was shown at the Jules Verne school in Madridwhere he was at a Conference on Youth and Cybersecurity.

Queen Letizia’s daughter is shown without a mask and piercing

As reported by the Quien portal, the heiress to the throne of Asturias he attended his second solo event, but this time with the great novelty that he did it without using maskrevealing his full face that he had not shown since the pandemic began.

There were few times that he was seen without using this protection implement against the covid-19since the members of the Royal House of Spain were very strict with security protocols.

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But this time, they took it more lightly, so much so that it was possible to see up close the great physical change that the princess experienced in recent months.

Her appearance is no longer that of a shy and withdrawn girl, now she is smiling and very sure of herself, with more pronounced and distinctive features. Her appearance at the school in Madrid caused a stir, and the young people her age shared very closely with the princess, who always smiled and attended everyone, sharing selfies with the boys and girls.

From her look with a loose and straight hairstyle, but not perfectly, to light makeup, long nails with a French manicure and some new accessories: a gold ear cuff on the right ear, and a piercing on the left.

As for her outfit, she opted for an embossed embroidered blouse from the Swedish brand “& Other Stories”, straight pastel pink cropped jeans and white sneakers from the brand. Hugo Boss.

Currently, the future queen is studying at the “UWC Atlantic College” in Welshwhere he sees classes with another princess: Alexia from Holland.

Princess Eleanor was visiting Spain due to the Easter holidays, but she has already returned to her activities at the international school, and she will miss the 15th birthday of her dear little sister Sofia. (AND)

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