This is what Shirley Lorena looks like now

The successful Colombian telenovela Peter the scaly is full of unforgettable secondary characters that seasoned the history of the incomparable heartthrob made in Colombia, Peter Coral.

Among these actants, one of those who managed to record itself in the memory of viewers despite her brief intervention in the exciting plots is the beautiful Shirley Lorena Peláez.

In the plot, Pélaez is one of the participants in the Reign of the Mangosteenwho competes on behalf of the municipality of Finland; however, Coral names her as “Miss Finland”.

Shirley Lorraine in "Peter the scaly"

Since his entry into the Caracol Television melodrama, premiered in 2001, the young woman demonstrates her attraction to the “mompirri” and manages to make him doubt his love for Paula Davila.

Colombian actress Morella Zuleta She was in charge of giving life to this aspiring beauty queen. At that time, she had been acting for a while, but she was thanks to this role that achieved fame.

Since then, More than two decades have passed in which much has happened in the life of the talented star who is still remembered for her performance as Shirley Lorraine.

Shirley Lorraine’s change from Peter the scaly

Currently, the interpreter is 47 years oldlooks more beautiful and confident than ever and has been away but not retired from acting on screens for several years.

After his outstanding participation in the telenovela Peter the scalythe dedicated actress continued unbeatably building his artistic career on television, film and theater.

On the small screen, after giving life to Shirley Lorrainethe actress played all kinds of roles in numerous productions until 2017, the year in which she acted in her last project so far.

Dora, the warden (2004-2005), The daughter of the mariachi (2006), I’ll wait for you there (2013), The girl (2016) and Brothers and Sisters (2017) are some novels in which he worked after Peter the scaly.

In the cinema, on the other hand, he has been part of the cast of three films, according to his profile on Imdb: Martini at sunset (2006), This smells bad (2007) and Looking for Michael (2007).

Meanwhile, on stage, he has squandered his talent on various works over the last two decades, such as Dona Flor and her two husbands, boys game either You are unique but not the only one.

According to various media, although it has been several years without joining the cast of any production, no it is completely distanced from the world of interpretation.

And it is that, the artist who also speaks Italian and French is dedicated to teaching dramatic art to children in a school and giving workshops where you share your knowledge.

As for his personal life, the star with almost 30 thousand followers on Instagram is reserved, but it is known that he is the proud mother of the also singer and actress Ilenia Antonini.