This is what Susana Dosamantes looked like at 20 in her beginnings in cinema

Mourning seized the entertainment world this Saturday, July 2, after the death of Susana Dosamantes at 74 years of age, so fans remembered her beginnings when she was 20 and was considered as ‘the most beautiful face in Mexico’.

The first actress and mother of Paulina Rubio, she was a beauty icon who immediately stole the attention of viewers from the moment she entered the screens.

When he was barely 20 years old, Susana Dosamantes made his first film called swirl of passionsand although their participation was small, it would be in memories of the future where his impact would be greater thanks to his character, which directed by Arturo Ripstein managed to grab the spotlight.

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In an interview with Photo TVSusana Alexander revealed that at the time no one knew Dosamantes, however, both actors as the public were amazed with the beauty of the young actress.

This is what Susana Dosamantes looked like at 20, “the most beautiful face in Mexico.” Photo: Tw @FilmotecaUNAM-IMDb

This is how thanks to his talent and that matchless facethe actress gradually made her way in various projects such as Confessions of a Teenage Girl, Peach Blossomas well as marriage and sexhowever, the film with which his popularity went to the skies was with Seven Eves for an Adam.

Even the mom’s talent golden girl She not only stayed as an actress, since she also began to be highly sought after as a model and among her projects was Mexican musical carousel.

This is what Susana Dosamantes looked like at 20, “the most beautiful face in Mexico.” Photo: Tw @GuiaCoyoacan

Later she would marry Enrique Rubio, as a result of their relationship Enrique and Paulina Rubio were born, however, by 1974 they divorced.

In total there were 30 films in which he participated Mary of Perpetual Help Guadalupe Susana Dosamantes Rul Riestrabetter known as Susana Dosamantes, although she also stood out in soap operas.

This is what Susana Dosamantes looked like at 20, “the most beautiful face in Mexico.” Photo: IMDb

The first production in which he participated of this type was in 1971 with Italian girl comes to get marriedwas also in The carriage, The hyena, The chauffeur and one of the most important in his career, Wild Heart.

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Also read: However, after a long career full of success, Susana Dosamantes died in a hospital in Miami, Florida, she was 74 years old and suffered from pancreatic cancerwhich is why her health had declined and she was in the United States to be treated by the best doctors.

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