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Jaden, Willow and Trey, They are the three media children of Will Smithwho have been making a name for themselves in the entertainment industry, with its different facets. Actors, singers and models, They cause a stir in each of their appearances for their irreverent looks.

The family of the famous is one of the most commented of Hollywood for the different controversies in which they have been involved, especially his controversial marriage with Jada Pinkett, who was unfaithful to him and with whom he now maintains an open relationship.

However, amid criticism, Smith show off their love and togetherness during family gatherings and in their social networks. Even after the controversy that Will faced at the Oscars, where he hit live ChrisRock, the family went all together to the dinner to celebrate the award as Best Actor of the famous

The children of Will Smith, their facets and fortunes

Jaden Smith

Jason (24) He is the eldest of his children Jada Pinkett. From a young age he followed in his father’s footsteps by venturing into the world of acting. His first emblematic role was with Will with the tape Looking for happiness, where they were father and son in fiction.

But jaden He did not stay alone as an actor, but has gone further as a model for major brands, a singer, a partner in the company Jyou Water and youth ambassador for Project Zambia, assisting children orphaned by the AIDS in Zambia.

His fortune is estimated at 8 million dollars.

Willow Smith

The young woman from 21 years it is also Actress, singer and model. In 2007 she made her big screen debut in the movie I’m legend with his father, then appeared in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. He has also worked with Will on the first film and with his mother on Red Table Talk.

willow has 6 million dollars in your personal account.

Trey Smith

The eldest son of Smith He is the fruit of his first marriage with Sheree Zampino. The 29-year-old has stayed away from the screens, but he also inherited his talent for art and works as musician and singer.

Trey has amassed a fortune 2 million dollars thanks to his work as DJ and actor.