This is what the little boy from “The Sixth Sense” looks like today

The psychological thriller “The Sixth Sense” has now become a real horror classic – and the boy who sees dead people has become a grown man.

In 1999, “The Sixth Sense” starring Hollywood star Bruce Willis was released in cinemas. Almost 25 years later, the psychological thriller is still one of the most popular horror films of all time. The action star plays psychiatrist Malcolm Crowe in the film.

But it is above all his little patient who enchants the audience of millions. Cole Sear exhibits behavioral problems. The eight-year-old boy is surrounded by ghosts and, together with the child psychologist, tries to find an explanation for his supernatural powers. The psychiatrist is working intensively on this case.

"The Sixth Sense": The end of the film puts the story in a whole new light.
“The Sixth Sense”: The end of the film lets the story appear in a completely new light. (Source: EntertainmentPictures/imago-images-pictures)

The role was played by Haley Joel Osment. At the time, the actor was just eleven years old, but he was already an old hand in the business. Five years earlier, he starred as the son of Forrest Gump in the hit film of the same name with Tom Hanks.

Haley Joel Osment made her breakthrough with “The Sixth Sense”. He was even nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his performance. But against Michael Caine – he was nominated for his role in “God’s Work & Devil’s Contribution” – the child star had no chance at the time.

No more Oscar nominations

For Haley Joel Osment it went on anyway. Two years later he played in Steven Spielberg’s “AI – Artificial Intelligence”. The actor then took a three-year break from filming before returning to the big screen until 2006. But the 34-year-old could no longer build on the great success of the past.

Haley Joel Osment is now 34 years old.
Haley Joel Osment is now 34 years old. (Source: JIM RUYMEN / imago)

Although Haley Joel Osment is still in front of the camera today and has made more than 100 films according to the film database “IMDb”, it has not been enough for an Oscar nomination until now. Most recently, the actor was seen in the series “The Secret Benedict Society”.

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