This is what the presenter looked like 36 years ago

After a two-year TV break, Birgit Schrowange wants to return to television. For more than 40 years she was an integral part of the scene. So the moderator has changed.

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She is one of Germany’s best-known moderators: the girl from Nehden started in the late 1970s. At that time, the presenter was still working at WDR as an editorial assistant, and at the same time she was taking acting lessons.

In 1980 she was discovered by moderator Werner Schüssler. He made Birgit Schrowange the “most beautiful announcer on ZDF”. At that time she was only 22 years old. Things went uphill – not only professionally, but also privately. Werner Schüssler and Birgit Schrowange became a couple. They were in a relationship for ten years – until 1990.

denim one-piece suits and snake boots

This picture was taken four years ago. Birgit Schrowange wears a denim one-piece suit, combined with ankle boots with a snake pattern and a trendy blow-dried hairstyle. The moderator is sitting on the floor, her lover is kneeling behind her. They both hold a record in their hands. Werner Schüssler and Birgit Schrowange had recorded an album together at the time.

Werner Schüssler and Birgit Schrowange in 1986. (Source: imago images)Werner Schüssler and Birgit Schrowange in 1986. (Source: imago images)

That is now 36 years ago. The moderator is now 63 years old. The blow-dried hairstyle became a cheeky short haircut. In addition, the hair is no longer brown, but gray. In 2017, she declared that she wanted to appear with her natural hair color in the future. A sign against the obsession with youth, for which the moderator still gets a lot of encouragement today.

Birgit Schrowange wants to go back to television

Something else has also changed: Today, Birgit Schrowange is rarely seen on television. In 2019 she announced that she was retiring from the television business. With her new partner, the presenter wanted to enjoy life away from the limelight.

Two years later, the surprise: the moderator returns. The 63-year-old gets her own show on Sat.1. Actually, the new format should have been running in March, but because Birgit Schrowange was ill with Covid-19, the show had to be removed from the program for the time being. There is no new date yet.