This is what the protagonists of the Mexican version look like

It was the year 2008 when the grand finale of The daughter of the mariachia telenovela that captured the public’s taste with a love story to the rhythm of rancheras.

It did not take long after its outcome for the romance between Rosario Guerrero and Emiliano Sanchez-Gallardo cross borders and draw the attention of television stations around the world.

A network that was captivated by the melodrama written by Monica Agudelo and decided to buy the rights to produce his own version years later is the Mexican Televisa.

The look the protagonists of The daughter of the mariachi made in mexico

In 2012, almost five years after the end of The daughter of the mariachithe giant of Latin American telenovelas premiered the first adaptation of the plot under the title What a beautiful love.

The project for the Mexican public, produced by Salvador Mejía, completely conquered the public with a story of 162 episodes quite close to the one created by sharpen it.

Within the plot, like the original starring Carolina Ramirez and Mark Tachera Colombian actress and a Mexican actor were in charge of giving life to the main roles.

Specifically they were Danna Garcia and Jorge Salinas who put themselves in the shoes of the main characters of this story, who underwent several changes for this remake.

the heroine

In What a beautiful loveGarcía won the hearts of viewers giving life and voice to the heroine of the melodrama, whose name changed from Rosario Warrior a Maria Mendoza.

Within this project, the protagonist is a humble, beautiful and brave girl who lives with her widowed mother and -in this adaptation- two younger sisters: Paloma and Isabel.

As in the novel from which it emerges, since the death of his father, María has had to work to support and move her family forward because his mother suffers from an illness.

In order to provide for her home, the young woman begins to work as Lead female singer of the bar’s mariachi group “Ay Jalisco, no te rajes” in Mexico City.

Despite playing the same role, danna garcia is very different physically Caroline Ramirez. However, the look worn by the beautiful actresses in both versions of the story is not so.

Also, it should be noted that García gets to wear much more colorful and elaborate costumes when appearing in this plot, in which he also sings with his own voice many times.

The gallant

On the other hand, Salinas was in charge of putting himself in the shoes of the heartthrob of history, who also changed his name to Santos Martinez de la Garza Trevino.

Within the plot, completed in 2013, the protagonist owns a car dealership in Los Angeles, United States; however, he is involved in a dirty business by his associates.

Misguided to frame him further for fraud and money laundering, the attractive millionaire flees to the Mexican capital as a true fugitive.

Because of this, he is forced to adopt a false identity: that of the mariachi. Jorge Alfredo Vargas. With this ID you know Mary at the bar and his life changes forever.

From then on, both live all kinds of experiences in the “Oh, Jalisco, don’t give up” and arises between them an endearing romance which many will oppose.

Like the protagonist, the image of Jorge Salinas is far from that of Mark Tacher, but the style that both carried to give life to the hero of the plot was not so different.