This is what ‘Wednesday’ would be like if it had been recorded in the 80s

    As we always tell you, TikTok -and, in general, social networks- are that place where you can find everything. Even those high school friends you don’t talk to anymore, Rita Ora dancing a viral ‘trend’ and even the minister, Nadia Calviño with the official account of the Ministry that she presides over. Everything is within our reach and, ‘scrolling’ like all ‘tiktokers’, we have found a series of photos that will surely make you rethink many things about one of the series with which we have lived moments in recent weeks. It is an assumption of What would the characters of ‘Wednesday’ be like in a different era than today?. We have freaked out with Morticia Addams!

    The @AiPosterPrints account has been launched with the new ‘trend’ of TikTok in which we can see our favorite movie characters if they had recorded their series in the 80s. Thus, in his account (in which he has thousands of followers) we have been able to meet characters like those of ‘Avatar’ (in the new film) or the ‘drag queens’ of ‘RuPaul Drag Race’ as if they had participated in their respective productions a few years ago.

    And if we are talking about famous people who have settled in the collective imagination of pop culture, we cannot leave out ‘Wednesday’, the series that has broken not only the Internet or the red carpets with the ‘looks’ of its actors, but also burst TikTok with a ‘trend’ that Jacquemus himself has come to imitate. Now, it has been the next fiction that has passed through the hands of this ‘tiktoker’ and whose images we are going to show you. We are fans!

    The characters of ‘Wednesday’, ’80s version’

    one.Morticia and Gomez Addams: a very dark couple.



    2.The director, Larissa Weems.

    director 'wednesday'


    3.Tyler and his ‘coffee season’s look’. We don’t know which of the two to stay with.

    tyler, 'wednesday'


    Four.Wednesday Addams. WOW! This, without a doubt, is the one we love the most.

    wednesday addams in the 80s


    We have run out of words. It is quite a visual spectacle.

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