This long and embarrassing sequence of Married at first sight with Jennifer during a strange aperitif with her parents totally depresses M6 viewers

Even in the middle of school holidays, “Married at first sight” is in full swing. The viewers of M6 are always present at the meeting to see how the different couples of this 2022 season are evolving. Monday, April 25, the show notably followed Jennifer and Eddy a lot. And very quickly, the duo stigmatized the reproaches of those who watched “Married at first sight”. It must be said that the young man showed a certain vulgarity during this number (we will spare you the details) while Jennifer does not really inspire them with confidence.

The life of this 31-year-old woman is a bit sad since she lives alone with her six-year-old child after being left by her companion 18 months ago. A separation that “destroyed her in love” in her words. However, faced with this inner distress, she decided to marry a stranger. And that, she doesn’t know how to tell her parents. “I am very, very afraid of the reaction of my parents, especially my dad. It’s going to be complicated.”, she confides to the cameras of M6. And it will indeed be quite complex since Jennifer will take several minutes to confess to her parents that she was going to marry someone she does not know and that the marriage would not take place in France (weddings now take place in Gibraltar).

Jennifer will beat around the bush for long minutes during an aperitif with a strange atmosphere, which will copiously irritate the viewers of “Married at first sight”. She’ll end up saying she’s getting married in a few weeks “and I don’t know who I’m getting married to, I don’t know his first name, I don’t even know where he lives, I don’t even know how old he has.” Surprise and emotion among the parents and total depression among the viewers who could no longer take this long and embarrassing announcement.

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