“This love so true…”: Julien Doré unveils a touching video, Karine Ferri and Internet users under the spell

Wednesday, December 28, Julien Doré published a video too crisp on his Instagram account which did not fail to capsize his fans. Even Karine Ferri seeing the singer share a beautiful moment of tenderness with her “babies”.

Even if he rarely confides in his love life, Julien Dore is a busy day-to-day family man. In March 2021, the singer revealed by the show The New Star is indeed became a dad for the first time following the birth of his son. A few weeks ago, he also revealed a too cute video of her little man discovering the elements of the scenery of the stage on which his dad was about to go up.

“Dad”, Julien Doré has been for a little longer than you think. In November 2018, the artist adopted two white Swiss shepherds with the sweet first names of… Simone and Jean-Marc. Magnificent doggies with whom he tries to spend as much time as possible, despite the always busy schedule of a singer on tour.

Who knows this love so true?

Julien Doré can’t do without his doggies so much that he’s even ready to find a solution to… bring them on stage with him, reacting with humor to a video of animal balloons flying above the crowd at his concert: “Many of you ask me if I can do this with Simone and Jean-Marc… So it’s being studied, it’s quite complex, and I’m not sure they agree” he joked.

But this Wednesday, it is in a much more serious and moving way that the singer gave news of his doggies. On his Instagram account, he indeed posted a video of their reunion, the artist seeming to have missed a lot, a lot his two Swiss shepherds who rubbed shoulders with him for a long time. “Who knows this love so true with his pet?” he wrote in the caption of this video full of love. A passion for the best friend of the man he shares with Karine Ferriher too “mom” of two black labradors and in awe of the video in the comments to the post. “There is nothing better, more sincere than the love of a dog for its master” also wrote a subscriber of Julien Doré. Doggies adopted unanimously.

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/cet-amour-si-vrai-julien-dore-devoile-une-touchante-video-karine-ferri-et-les-internautes-sous-le-charme-746109