this mind-blowing expenditure by Benjamin Castaldi for 12 min in a private jet

TPMP spares no effort to entertain its audience. Indeed, there is not much time left for Cyril Hanouna and his teams to share new and unforgettable moments with their fans. Once the summer is installed, they will have to wait until the start of the school year to find themselves. So, obviously, the host of Do not touch My TV and its columnists are giving it their all to keep fans looking forward to reuniting with them when the time comes. Nevertheless, despite the perhaps more visible efforts of our PAF stars, it is the same concept that sparks on C8.

The subjects that are controversial with Internet users are treated on the set and debated by the columnists. And this May 9, it was around Elon Musk’s jet trips that tensions crystallized. But the participants in the debate had no idea that it would then be Benjamin Castaldi who would go on the grill for the same reasons as the billionaire… Objeko tell you everything!

TPMP puts Benjamin Castaldi on the grill for a confession that offends the public

It is probably not uncommon for Benjamin Castaldi to shock viewers of TPMP. Indeed, in a sense, they are accustomed to discovering the extravagances of Cyril Hanouna’s columnist’s past. Because, we must not forget, he was a facilitator before finding himself in the team of the troublemaker of the PAF. He was the star host of TF1 for a few years, on very popular programs such as Secret Story and loft story. Needless to say to our readers, they will have understood that the columnist of Do not touch My TV earned a very good living. Indeed, Benjamin Castaldi did not hide it. And when he reveals anecdotes of the time spent to his colleagues on C8, he even admits that he was a real gambler.

However, for all the years during which the ex-husband of Flavie Flament is present at TPMP, the dans had good reason to believe that they had heard everything. However, while Cyril Hanouna evokes with his columnists the controversial subject of the day, it is indeed a new story of money thrown out the window that Benjamin Castaldi reports. The subject that shocked the Web in recent days was that of billionaire Elon Musk’s jet trips. At a time when global warming is a priority issue, Internet users are revolted by noting that some do not hesitate to reduce the efforts of the poorest to nothing. Indeed, while we sort our waste and save electricity, Elon Musk makes trips of less than 10 minutes in a private jet.

On the Twitter account which lists the business trips of the billionaires, thousands of Internet users fall from above. And all the more so if it is to fly only 9 minutes. Cyril Hanouna therefore returned to this debate which ignited the Web, on May 9 on the set of TPMP. And Objeko told you, it was without counting on this revolting new confession from Benjamin Castaldi!

A whim that cost him an astronomical sum

When Benjamin Castaldi was an animator and earned a very good living, he was far from being a billionaire. But you have to believe that he liked to act as if he was one of the richest people in this world. A gambler at heart, as he repeatedly admits on the set of TPMP, the former animator likes to spend his money when he knows he has it. Even if it means delaying realizing that he didn’t have as many as he thought.

Thus, while everyone criticizes the behavior of Elon Musk, irresponsible behavior which was to take a private jet to make a 9 minute flight, the set of TPMP learns in passing that Benjamin Castaldi offered himself this same whim for a 12-minute flight in a private jet.

The icing on the cake, the columnist of TPMP offered himself this round trip to commit adultery in all likelihood. All for a tidy sum of 15,000 euros! Definitely, Objeko did not suspect that Benjamin Castaldi could compete in anecdotes with Elon Musk. But we must admit that he did very well! Also, we should not blame his comrades for spoofing him rather than taking an interest in the controversy about the billionaire who recently became the owner of Twitter.