this “new beginning” with his family…

Jazz Correia, a former reality TV candidate, is now one of the most followed influencers of her generation. More than 4 million Internet users follow his adventures on Instagram, for example. Not to mention those who follow her on other platforms or who follow her reality TV show, The JLC Family. A program that will soon offer its sixth season to the public.

Since 2015, the beauty has continued to climb the ranks of influence and she apparently does not intend to stop there. For example, she moved to Dubai with her family. She lives there in luxury and does not fail to talk about each of her publications. Indeed, even if they are her fans, some openly criticize the fact that she lives abroad. Well, the latter will not be disappointed with the detour when they hear about the “new start” of Jazz and his family.

Jazz, her husband and her children will leave Dubai!

It’s official, it’s Jazz in person who made this revelation at the microphone of our colleagues from the magazine Tele-Leisure. The interview was published on June 29 and since then, the announcement of his move has been everywhere on the Web. Indeed, Jazz and his family should very soon leave Dubai and start a new life. They would consider leaving after spending 5 years of their lives there. But Dubai is not only synonymous with good memories for this family of stars.

“We thought it was time for us to make a fresh start. We wanted to leave the negative things behind us. »declared Jazz in the columns of Tele-Leisure. “We had five great years in Dubai. We had an incredible professional, family and financial rise. », she added. But what she especially liked about the idea of ​​living there was being able to make discoveries and offer them to her fans. Today she feels that “it’s seen and reviewed”. This therefore fuels his desire to change scenery.

It is indeed a reality, Objeko Granted, Dubai is attracting more and more personalities from the world of influence. There are more and more of them there and Jazz no doubt feels the need to make a “fresh start”. To start a new adventure which would therefore have a more original tone. For her as for her subscribers, this is necessarily excellent news. For her husband Laurent too, it is a logical decision. Especially since the tide is turning in Dubai.

Direction the United States for several years

We have seen the change in types of people who have joined Dubai. We had left France after being held up in Aix-en-Provence. », he recalled. And, still in the columns of Tele-LeisureJazz’s husband added: “I think we did our job as influencers well, because many arrived. You have to recognize that when you show beautiful things, it makes others want to, that’s normal.”. That said, he is also not keen to criticize Dubai before leaving. A wise decision Objeko grant it to you.

According to the father of the Jazz children, Dubai is a “evolving city. Everything changes, even the laws. They are a lot more open-minded than before. They feel safe and totally at home in Dubai, but the need for change they feel is greater than their desire for a cocoon, no doubt. After all, the JLC Family has the means to afford an equally comfortable new start.

They will also be able to offer new horizons to their fans and perhaps even inspire other influencers. For Jazz and his family, it is soon the direction of Los Angeles that they will take. “See you there for a few years. We chose this city for the professional aspect. », explained the young woman. While acknowledging that life will be more expensive there and that security will not be the same as in Dubai at all.

Nevertheless, they are motivated by their new professional challenges. And they are fully aware that the United States is very trendy for influencers right now. While adding that she already knows where she will put her bags to end her life, on the Côte d’Azur. Jazz finally added that the idea of ​​radically changing sets every 5 years is something that suits him. She gets tired quickly and she needs to get out of her comfort zone to stay on top of her performance in her field of activity.

Looking for a challenge, Jazz and her husband assume their “I want to start new adventures, in new places, with new people. To me, that’s real life.”.