“This person had murderous intentions”: Jeremstar confides in his hostage situation with Sheryfa Luna

On his YouTube channel, blogger Jeremstar spoke about the terrible ordeal that happened to him: he was taken hostage with his friend Sheryfa Luna by a man released from prison.

The story begins in 2018 when Jeremstar was in the midst of legal turmoil. In a famous case the “Jeremstargate” was accused of sexual assaults on minors. What has been pinned is that his friend, Pascal Cardonna ‘”Babybel”) was offering sex acts to young boys in exchange for meeting Jeremstar. In this story, justice cleared the blogger. Yet some people continue to claim his guilt.

In a video published on September 29, Jeremstar explains that since this story, he has received many threats. He even went so far as to reveal having been taken hostage, with his friend Sheryfa Luna. The blogger gave some details about the person who threatened him. He confesses: A “imbalance“, released from prison for having “planted a bomb in Paris that had been foiled“, was “persuaded” that “I was a pedophile. This person, with intentions of murder, was extremely threatening and blocked me on a bench in a public place in the middle of Paris, prevented me from leaving for more than an hour, accusing me of horrible things (… ) I wondered if he even had weapons. When someone says straight to your eyes ‘I planted a bomb in Paris I wanted to cause a bloodbath but it was foiled I was incarcerated for ten years’, you understand that you are dealing to someone who evolves in spheres…

He continues with emotion:It was me who was targeted. (…) I could not move from my bench, each time, it became violent, I looked at Sheryfa, and finally, you manage to escape by running away to take refuge in a restaurant and everyone is hallucinating… C It was really very shocking, I still have those images, it’s a real attack, there’s everything going through my head. This was all taken very seriously when I reported it.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/-cette-personne-avait-des-intentions-de-meurtre-jeremstar-se-confie-sur-sa-prise-d-otage-avec-sheryfa-luna-1405975.aspx