this publication that will enrage a flagship animator

This presidential election, the fanzouzes of Baba will remember it since the ex-miss France Delphine Wespiser connects the controversies!

Which fly stung Delphine Wespiser

Between the yellow vests and the health crisis, the French are impatiently awaiting the presidential election. Indeed, it was an opportunity to listen to the programs. How would they have managed in place of Emmanuel Macron? Admittedly, because of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, there was no possibility of confronting the arguments and hearing the results of the outgoing candidate. Does this influence Delphine Wespiser? Still, the former Miss France breaks the silence and reveals who will vote for. This time, she wants to try something else and goes to…Marine Le Pen. On the set of TPMP, she declares. ” I would like to have a president, I would like a mother of the French, who brings people together, who protects, with the sensitivity of a woman. We know very well that men talk a lot and don’t do things all the time, a woman is a mother who does things.

Delphine Wespiser lets loose!

Following her position, Delphine Wespiser has drawn the anger of Internet users, but not only. Since she was voted the most beautiful woman in France in 2012, she has been keen to spread her values. First of all, whenever she can, she defends her animal friends. Like it was yesterday, Objeko remembers a particularly trying sequence. On the side of Cyril Hanouna, he does not know how he will manage the new overflow of his columnist. And it’s not the only one. According to his sources, she received pressure from some of her employers telling her that she risked losing such a contract or such a program”. Hearing this hallway noise, Matthieu Delormeau is delighted. Why is there a rift with the presenter of TPMP People ?

Unable to forgive Delphine Wespiser, he will not hesitate to draw a parallel with the controversial humorist Dieudonné. This time, it’s the straw for the concerned. After the many incendiary messages received on the Web, his vase overflows. She will attack her detractor. First of all, she calls him a toxic person. Then, she wakes up the pain of the loss of her mother. Finally, she mentions the likelihood of filing a complaint against him. In short, it does not go there with the back of the spoon. Dear friend of Objeko, if you want to have more information on this clash, we advise you to read this article.

Matthieu Delormeau turns white and sees red

A few days before filming the new season of Fort Boyard, the production was forced to make a decision in an emergency. By choosing to renew her confidence in Delphine Wespiser, Alexia Laroche-Joubert could not please the fans more! And as if to taunt the troublemakers, the columnist of TPMP reveals behind the scenes of its preparation. Although she loves donning Blanche’s costume, she is the first surprise of the custom creation “of her evil twin, Red“. Also, she decides to warn us of this size change on Instagram.

Tired of all the criticism and the gratuitous wickedness of some, Delphine Wespiser tries to sum up her torments with a quote from Hélène Delanoy. “I am exhausted to find myself in front of these people whose hearts are completely dried up. I want to find those hearts whose life flows inside. All these enthusiasts who have a message to bring. All these souls inspired, filled with love, wisdom and humility”. Reading between the lines, we understand that she is speaking directly to Matthieu Delormeau.

And now ?

Screenshot (c) TPMP (c) C8

Should we still have hope that things will work out between them? Very clever whoever can boast of having succeeded in reconciling them. What a pity ! The columnists of TPMP form a big hearted family. To see two of their members go to pieces in this way reduces our morale to crumbs. We promise, we’ll tell you more in the next issue of Objeko. So, we say see you soon for new adventures!