this radical decision on data sharing that is not going to please…

After years of laxity, netflix reviews his copy. This decision taken to deter troublemakers will shock you!

Free Netflix? It’s finish !

After so many years of good and loyal service, netflix tighten the screw. In fact, the management would have had a click by looking at the figures for 2021. Certainly, by producing some of its series or its films itself, the streaming platform stood out from the others. Alas, despite much effort, competitors such as Disney+ Where AmazonPrime overshadow him. As for HBO Max, even if it is not yet available in France, there is no doubt that its arrival risks causing considerable damage. This is why, at the dawn of this second quarter of 2022, strategic choices are necessary. To continue to have a certain leadership on its subscribers, the company with the black and red logo seems ready for anything!

Netflix hardens the tone with its subscribers

Since its existence, netflix runs through word of mouth. In other words, as the director of product innovation reminds us, the objective was to let ” people who live together the ability to share their accounts with features like separate profiles and simultaneous streams for our Standard and Premium plans.” However, she realizes the limits of this method. On the one hand, she welcomes the fact that this initiative was appreciated by the public and regrets (almost) nothing. Unfortunately, she recognizes that this sows total confusion in the minds of customers. Moreover, she specifies that the way things are going, that ” affects our ability to invest in quality series and films for our members. And that is clearly not possible to hear for all those who have always respected the rules.

Instead of blowing the wind, netflix take action. A full-scale test will be carried out in certain places such as Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. Living in or around these countries, Objeko tells you that a small additional fee of between 2 or 3 euros will allow you to link accounts to your basic profile.

This novelty that divides subscribers

Provided with another password, it will be all the more complex to connect to netflix from anywhere. Besides, if you decide to create a second account just for you? The Californian video-on-demand company should increasingly suggest it to you. Although the guinea pigs are on a continent far from ours, now is the time to remain attentive to all these changes thatObjeko just mentioned. If the results are conclusive, the two measures could spread like wildfire.

It’s not the first time that netflix attempts to discourage account sharing. As can be seen in the screenshot above, an automatic message disturbed those who borrowed the identifiers of relatives. Having to justify being in the same room to see the home of those who paid the bill at the end of the month, it was not easy to react in a second.

In your opinion dear reader ofObjekowhat is the platform of netflix risk by carrying out a strategy of policing its subscribers? To lose or to win? The mystery remains intact. Anyway, during the confinements, it made a lifeline effect to its members. Against an unbeatable price, being able to watch films or series allowed us to change our minds. I promise, as soon as we know a little more, we’ll tell you everything in the next episode. Until then, take care of yourself and don’t forget to tell us about your latest crush! As a consolation prize, you can always test your knowledge by browsing the video above.