this revelation by Hugo Manos shocks Matthieu Delormeau!

Hugo Manos and Laurent Ruquier: in love and soon to be a dad?

The muscular columnist has accepted that TPMP People broadcast part of his interview with Jordan de Luxe in which he talks about his meeting with Laurent Ruquier. He explains that the facilitator contacted him for advice on electrostimulation, an environment that Hugo Manos knows well since he is a professional in this sector. They meet and the current goes well enough for Laurent Ruquier to invite his future lover to a dinner the next day.

Hugo Manos assumes it, from the start, there was flirting between them. And it is the day after their meeting that they formalize. But the general public ignores everything about this relationship, until the handsome boy publishes a series of Tik Tok with his lover. Today, their relationship is so stable and beautiful that they are considering fatherhood. At least that’s what Hugo Manos says for Télé Loisirs :

We’ve already talked about it, but I don’t think it’s a visceral wish. Me, it’s something I could consider. I am approaching forty and I tell myself that I could offer great values ​​to a little being. I think I could be a good father and Laurent too. It’s not excluded but it’s not a certainty“.

Hugo Manos of Greek origin, Matthieu Delormeau learns it

One of the many subjects mentioned by the columnists of TPMP People was logically Eurovision. France finished penultimate in the competition, just after having shone in the previous edition by finishing in second place. The Breton group did not convince the other countries, nor the public. The latter voted en masse for Ukraine. Something to annoy many Internet users who see it as a purely political vote and in no way artistic or musical.

But if Hugo Manos undoubtedly remained attentive to the results of France, before the competition, it is for Greece that he is campaigning. The singer Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord outperformed France with her song “Die Together” as she managed to reach eighth place. Excited before the broadcast of the show, Hugo Manos did not hesitate to come to TPMP People with a flag of Greece. Something to surprise the host who knew nothing of the origins of his columnist.

TPMP People: Matthieu Delormeau’s last chance?

The ambitions of Ayem’s former colleague and Benoit on NRJ 12 are clear: if he really likes being a columnist on Touche pas à mon poste, his primary job, the one he likes to do, it is indeed that of animator. But after being fired by Channel 12, Matthieu Delormeau accepts Cyril Hanouna’s proposal to join the team. Very quickly, he established himself as an essential and essential columnist. His rants and heartthrobs make the buzz, and the game he plays with the star host of C8 greatly contributes to the success of the program.

The channel has confidence in him and entrusts him with a new program: TPMP People. But as for Touche pas à mon sport, the show was canceled after a few months. Finally, Matthieu Delormeau leaves the channel for one season. He would have very badly experienced the end of his show. It’s time for questioning for him.

He finally returns a year later and manages, after several months, to convince Cyril Hanouna to relaunch the TPMP People adventure, every Saturday. The DNA of the parent program is respected. The columnists are invited to tell intimate and personal anecdotes, they don’t hesitate to criticize, to say aloud what they think to themselves… Matthieu Delormeau hopes as much from the guests who are numerous to visit the set: Star Academy alumni (Jean Pascal, Houcine, Maud…), former glories of reality TV (Loana, Marjolaine…) or even animators (like Julien Lepers). Diana Jones, a recent guest on the show, did not hesitate to talk about her colossal salary after participating in the filming of Temptation Island.

He knows that you have to make the buzz to increase the audience and give of himself, because he also knows how lucky he is to host this show.