This scathing and insulting text message from Emmanuel Macron comes out in the open… ouch it stings

As you know, in a few weeks, it’s the presidential election and you will have to make a decision when you register the name of the candidate at the polls. Thus, the politicians in the race do not stop pointing the finger at the bad actions of each other, but especially of the outgoing president, Emmanuel Macron. Moreover, a shocking text message from him has just come to light! It is certain that he will not give him good press. The president supported the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, in a very particular way… We know that Emmanuel Macron can have harsh words. He proved it again this time. Little by little, the French are discovering its true face.

Emmanuel Macron: an SMS that will compromise his election?

The five-year term has not been easy for the President of the Republic. Indeed, he had to suffer the wrath of the yellow vests, the Covid-19 crisis, the war in Ukraine… We can blame him for many things, in particular the health protocols in schools or the management of the hospital. . But, would another President of the Republic have done better in his place? Nothing is less sure ! In any case, we can redo the film several times, but it was indeed he who was in charge.

Emmanuel Macron and the unvaccinated

So, is Emmanuel Macron tired and in low spirits? Indeed, last January, in the middle of an interview with the readers of the Parisian, he had dropped words that deeply shocked everyone. Remember, we were in the middle of a vaccination campaign against Covid-19 and he had attacked the unvaccinated. ” I really want to piss them off “, he said. These words had the turn of television sets and generated even more hatred among the French, whether they were vaccinated or not.

It is not the first time…

One thing is certain, Emmanuel Macron is in solidarity with his collaborators and his government. At the same time, it was him that he trained and chose! Is he ready to do anything to support them? In February 2021, the President of the Republic had taken the decision to defend his Minister of Health, Olivier Véran. The latter was to replace Agnès Buzyn who held the position of Minister of Solidarity and Health. Obviously, with the health crisis, it is he who announces the bad news. So he was singled out from all sides. We can understand that the situation is not pleasant for him. Luckily, Emmanuel Macron always sided with him and tried to support him in all circumstances. Discover the words he had in this famous SMS.

A simple message of support for his collaborator?

Our colleagues from Point explain that to boost his colleague, the Head of State would have sent him: ” Hold on, we’ll get them, these assholes “. Emmanuel Macron has a curious way of motivating or coercing the troops. Once he uses the term ” piss off“, the other time is ” asshole“. A reduced lexical field that we did not know about him at the time of his election in 2017. Even if the President of the Republic gave his written support to Olivier Véran, he then contradicted his decision-making. A somewhat incomprehensible turnaround. Last August, presenter Pascal Praud spoke in the program Time for the pros on the chain C news : “ Sometimes he said things and then Emmanuel Macron did the opposite 8 days later. So he swallowed his hat “.

Is this Emmanuel Macron’s way of doing things? The side ” at the same time “ which we often talk about and which has become his trademark. In addition, he also knows how to send softer SMS. The journalists of World shared other more touching messages like this: I miss you “. This SMS was sent to people he doesn’t have time to see or ” to treat ” since several weeks.