This strange sequence of Beijing Express in the sea in Jordan with Jean-Claude, the candidate that everyone adores, stuns viewers and becomes one of the most cult of the M6 ​​show

Still alive! For the third consecutive week, Axel and Jean-Claude won the final duel in “Beijing Express”. Again facing the two sisters of Monaco Charlotte and Sarah, except that this time it was Axel and Jean-Claude who named them and not the other way around, the duo got away with it, once again thanks to the young Axel , 19, who thwarted the traps of Petra, Jordan. Jean-Claude’s emotion when he saw his grandson arrive was superb and viewers were able to confirm their feeling: they want this duo to win “Beijing Express”.

For the moment, we are not there. Axel and Jean-Claude are only in the quarter-finals of “Pékin Express”, so there is still a long way to go. The duo, and in particular Jean-Claude aged 72, must spare themselves. He had the opportunity to do so in the program broadcast on March 24 on M6 and he did not hesitate. After a long trip to Jordan, Jean-Claude, like a few other candidates, took a dip in the Dead Sea. There, he was able to sail quietly on the waves because, as you surely know, on the Dead Sea, completely closed, we float thanks to 275 grams of liter of salt per liter against 35 grams usually. Footage from “Beijing Express” shows Axel’s grandfather reading a newspaper. It was enough for viewers, amazed by this unprecedented moment, to see in this image the highlight of this 2022 season and one of the strongest images in the history of the show. The comments are quite funny because he gently jokes Jean-Claude about the fact that while he is lounging, his grandson Axel gives everything to keep them alive in “Beijing Express”. It is indeed a way of looking at things.

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