this surprise guest who disturbed him during his 1 p.m. on France 2

A pigeon above the head of Julian Bugier

The journalist is likely to remember this newspaper for a while. While he is seated opposite Dorothée Lachaud to talk about the increase in bank charges, he is disturbed by the presence of this bird who has managed to make his way into the recording studio… and who does not intend to leave. . Impossible for him to hide the event, so he plays the honesty card and tells viewers everything :

There is a pigeon passing over our heads! It is the mystery guest of the newspaper! We love animals. We will try to continue despite this intrusion“. He does not hesitate to salute the professionalism of his colleague who, too, remained imperturbable throughout, without worrying about the activities of the bird just above her head.

The pigeon obviously does not find the exit during the entire log, enough to push Julian Bugier gave news afterwards: ” The continuing pigeon episode, look, it’s right above me. He invited himself on the set of ’13 Heures’ and he’s watching me up there from a spotlight. We will continue anyway“.

Imperturbable, the host went to the end of his diary, and did not forget to talk about his companion before concluding: “ A friendly greeting to our surprise guest, the pigeon, of which we will of course give you news tomorrow“.

The gently captured pigeon

The journalist kept his promise since he spoke about the famous pigeon the next day. Don’t expect the bird to become a co-host. He was captured, in the words of Julian Bugier: ” the pigeon of the ’13 Heures’ which caused a lot of talk, which was perched on a projector“. ” Rest assured, he has been found and he will find freedom thanks to his professionals who captured him gently. He is in good shape“.

However, the capture operation was tricky due to the size of the studio, ” very large and very high ceiling“. The journalist did not fail to thank Virginie Fichet, usually deputy editorial director of France Télévisions, but who played the role of a manager of a zoo since she ” directed the operations“. Successful operations, then.

Filled in love, Julian Bugier makes revelations

Rather discreet about his personal life, the journalist nevertheless indulged in a few confidences in the columns of the magazine Closer. Journalists obviously know how to get valuable information. We knew that the man was happy as a couple, married to Claire Fournier, a French journalist. But thanks to the magazine, we know more about their meeting, which is rather surprising since they have a lot in common. They seemed made to meet:

My life is made of serendipitybegins the journalist. We met in London when she lived in Tours and I lived in Blois, a few kilometers away! We also both have family in Polynesia, which is not common“.

A meeting worthy of a Hollywood romance. But that’s not all. As a good romantic, the journalist had planned everything to make the marriage proposal unforgettable for his bride: “ Besides, before having our children, we undertook this journey to the end of the world, and I decided to propose to her there.”.

If they share the same profession and work in the same field, the couple does not find in the rivalry the essence to move forward. Rather, it is pride that drives them. Moreover, Julian Bugier does not hesitate to say how proud he is of his wife, and proud to be her husband ” She is a columnist and I am very proud of her. I like to say that I am the husband of Claire Fournier rather than saying that she is the wife of Julian Bugier“.

Words that are undoubtedly extremely pleasing to the main concerned, especially since the female personalities are often presented, even today, as the women of. Julian Bugier puts the church back in the middle of the face, and it feels good.