this terrible family secret that marked him for life

This Wednesday, May 11, Renaud celebrated his 70th birthday. If his career was crowned with success, his life had its share of surprises. In his book Like a lost child, the singer notably revealed this fatal secret which marked his adolescence. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

Renaud discovers a family secret

For many years, Renaud led a life full of fights against addictions and dramas. Today, and as he has just celebrated his 70th birthday, we are going to take a closer look at this family affair which has done so much harm to the singer. In his autobiography Like a lost child, he lifted the veil on this heavy family secret:“I lived in a happy family whose secrets I ignored for a long time”.

At the age of 12, Renaud learns news that will change his life. Indeed, his brother Thierry, tells him that his big sister was not his mother’s daughter. In other words, she’s his half-sister. If this revelation will not change anything in the love he has for Christine, the singer has set out to find the truth. The interpreter of Mistral Gagnant wants to know more about this story.

He discovers his father’s second family

As the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together, Renaud discovers that his father was once married. It was in the early 1930s:“He was then barely over twenty years old and this woman answered to the pretty name of Renée Vincent”. Unfortunately, when he started looking for her, he discovers that the woman died tragically in her house in Falaise in Normandy during a bombardment the day after the D-Day landings.

He did not find his father’s first wife but his big sister, Christine. A few years later, Renaud decided to find the traces of this family. He therefore decides to go to their graves. And there, surprise, he makes a huge discovery:This is how I learn of the brief existence of another sister, Catherineyoungest of Christine, carried away by an infantile illness on February 10, 1939″.

A new album for Renaud?

On May 6, Renaud signed his big comeback with an album of covers: Métec. In particular, you will find 13 covers of major songs from the French repertoire that the artist would have dreamed of writing and composing. We think of Georges Brassens, Jacques Higelin, Georges Moustaki or even Bourvil. If the singer has already announced that he will not be touring, it seems that a next album is already in the pipeline.

During an interview with our colleagues from RTL, Renaud confided that he had other projects. Indeed the singer is preparing an album with original songs: “ Already, I will perhaps do a follow-up to this cover album (…) And then I will do an album of original songs “. An album of twelve tracks for his 50-year career, in 2025…