this terrible massacre which knocks it out of its hinges

This Friday, May 6, Alizée spoke on her Instagram account. The singer notably took the time to relay a sad video on Instagram, published by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. In this one, we can see the massacre of dozens of cats in Shanghai. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

The incredible rules in China

The Covid-19 pandemic can drive people crazy. And if in France, some complain, it is nothing next to what is currently happening in Shanghai. Indeed, for the past few weeks, the Chinese metropolis has been facing a new increase in cases in the city and throughout the country. And the least we can say is that it does not laugh with the rules. The government has decided to confine the inhabitants in a rather muscular way.

In addition to forcing them to stay at home, some, positive for Covid-19, see their cats recovered to then be killed. Indeed, in Shanghai, the authorities pile up live cats in garbage bags on the side of the road to kill them. Dozens of pets have been captured after their owners tested positive. And the videos that are starting to circulate on social networks are causing a stir. A situation that brought Alizée out of its hinges.

Alizée comes out of her hinges

Animals hold an important place in Alizée’s heart. That is why, when she sees the massacre that is taking place in Shanghai, she cannot remain calm. A few hours ago, she therefore decided to react. Indeed, the young woman shared a sequence published by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, which relayed an alarming situation in the Chinese city: “In Shanghai the authorities pile up live cats in garbage bags on the side of the road to kill them”.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation then explains the video. And as we told you above, it’s simply scandalous: “These moving images were shot in the Chinese metropolis. Dozens of cats have been captured after their owners tested positive for Covid-19. To show her dissatisfaction with the situation, Alizée took the time to put the word scandalous with the famous video. One word, which means a lot.

Alizée addicted to bracelets

If Alizée does not hesitate to alert her many subscribers to sensitive subjects via Instagram, she also uses the social network to share her daily family life and her favorites in terms of fashion and beauty. Not long ago, the singer confided in her addiction to Gigi Clozeau bracelets. Indeed, she published a photo of her wrist adorned with the creations of the famous sign. But this addiction is not free. This kind of bracelet can go up to 500 euros. Yes, all the same.