this terrible news that the actress must face

Julie Gayet accepts few projects. When she validates, everything must be perfect. However, the latest will call everything into question!

Julie Gayet, at worst?

It feels good to see Julie Gayet again! Certainly, usually, we have to go to the cinema to admire her game. However, in deciding to embark on this adventure, she seemed to have the necessary perspective. After such a career, what does she have to prove to the viewer, if not that she was in the best position to put on her costume as a perfect mother? After weighing the pros and cons, the darling of François Hollande takes the plunge. Moreover, she gives the reply to a star of the small screen. After having clowned around on stage for a long time, Tomer Silsey has had a string of successes.

First, in Wide Winch, he had the chance to cross paths with Sharon Stone. Then, thanks to the adventures of the serial Balthazar , he shows us another facet of his personality. In this article, Objeko told you that he almost died there! As always, a waterfall is just the tip of the iceberg. A career is so fragile. The slightest dust is enough to make it wobble. We have proof!

Too many reports?

At the beginning of May, Julie Gayet is stamping with impatience. Indeed, she has been waiting for the series to air for eight months. Originally, TF1 had scheduled it for September. Alas, the departure of Jean-Paul Belmondo had forced him to review his copy. In order to pay a deserved tribute to the latter, what better film thanItinerary of a spoiled childto show the younger generations who he was? Obviously, those who knew him well salute his generosity and humility. With him, we felt comfortable and not in front of a giant! Always smiling, he illuminated the existence of his fans.

In this feature film by Claude Lelouch, his duet with the young Richard Anconina is legendary. Moreover, when asked about his memories of filming, the latter speaks of improvisation. It’s totally crazy! Dear friend ofObjeko, if you haven’t seen it yet, we urge you to do so urgently. Also, the members of the Césars academy meet and believe that he is the best actor of the 89 vintage. Bored by this kind of ceremonies, not needing the recognition of his peers, but only that of the public , he refuses to go there. It was not until 2017, three decades later, that he agreed to receive a trophy for his entire career. Just seeing his smile and his look, we understand the emotion of this great man. Present in the room, Julie Gayet will never forget either!

Julie Gayet can’t get over it

Let’s go back for a moment to Julie Gayet’s mini-series. Given the scenario, she really thought she would convince the housewife. And yes, how to remain insensitive to the misadventures of this mother who notes with horror that her daughter has committed an irreparable act? In all, you were 3.61 million to tremble in front of the small skylight. What would you have done in his place? Again, we suggest you watch them in replay, just to discover the outcome. Like a thriller, it’s worth its weight in peanuts!

Throughout the month of April, the housewife seems to have abandoned TF1. It is therefore not Julie Gayet who will succeed in bringing them to their senses. Moreover, were they more seduced by this sports poster? In the semi-final of the UEFA Cup, Marseille face the players of Feyenoord Rotterdam. Between ninety minutes of football or thrilling series, the choice is not easy. In any case, salute the courage of the screenwriters. They assume their ideas and dare to stage mythical actors in improbable situations. What will be the next challenge for the actress? No one knows yet. To be continued !