this terrible reason why she refuses to appear in public weakened

For several months, the health of Elizabeth II seems to be deteriorating. If the queen almost never missed an event, there are countless engagements she should have attended and for which she was called in sick. But if she doesn’t show up, it’s for a very specific reason. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

Elizabeth II does not want to be weakened

Despite her age and the recent difficulties of life, Elizabeth II tirelessly continues to serve her country. Indeed, even with his declining health, continues to conduct royal affairs, and perform a large number of tasks. However, as far as official outings are concerned, the monarch does not hesitate to go off. A few days ago, she even refused to show up at last week’s Commonwealth ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

As she celebrates her 96th birthday on April 25, her health worries more and more. It must be said that since the death of Prince Philip, things have deteriorated for Elizabeth II. According to persistent rumors, the queen rarely leaves her wheelchair. A physical condition that would explain the repeated cancellations of the 95-year-old monarch. But that wouldn’t be the only reason. This is what we will see in the rest of our article.

A painful memory for the queen

If Elizabeth II would not want to show herself, it could be explained by a memory that upsets the queen. According to a close source, the Queen would find it hard to bear the idea of ​​having her photograph taken in a wheelchair, as it would remind her of the last photos of her sister, Princess Margaret, just before her death in 2002. At the time of the 101st birthday of the queen mum, Elizabeth, this one had appeared publicly when she was just recovering from a series of strokes.

And the photos of Princess Margaret had terribly shocked public opinion. Indeed, everyone was used to seeing her with extreme elegance: “The picture was terrible. It was supposed to be the Queen Mother, but all people saw was a sadly declining Princess Margaret“. And that’s exactly what Elizabeth II doesn’t want. If the queen is determined to serve until the end, she also wants to be able to control the images of her.

Elizabeth II’s favorite series

During her Covid, the queen may have taken advantage of her few days to watch her favorite series. Indeed, Elizabeth II loves to watch The Kumars at No 42. The English show broadcast in the 2000s, features a family whose members invite stars into their homes to create their own reality TV. A humorous program that the Queen of England particularly appreciates. Besides, from what we know is that she even knows the lines by heart.