this terrible suffering that he hides in him on a daily basis…

Even if apparently Stéphane Plaza seems to be a very happy man, an illness is eating away at him. Far from the smiling image he gives at each of his public appearances, the most famous agent real estate in France is actually in deep distress in secret. He also admits to suffering a lot from it. A subject on which Objeko invites you to discover all the details.

Stephane Plaza : very hurt deep inside, ”You cry inside”

The symbol of the joy of living

For several years now, Stéphane Plaza truly managed to get into the hearts of viewers. Thanks to his talent, but also his boundless energy, the host can count on a multitude of fans to follow him during the broadcast of each of his shows. Moreover, Karine Le Marchand’s best friend has also become famous over time for constantly displaying a happiness that seems natural to him. Always ready for the slightest joke, the presenter is a real teaser.

However, once the cameras are off and the spotlight is no longer on him, Stéphane Plaza suffers. Indeed, his pain is immense and daily. But then a question arises: what is it exactly? In reality, the businessman has been living in terrible mourning since the disappearance of his mother. Even if time passes, he thus seems unable to recover from this death. A state of affairs on which he has already expressed himself on numerous occasions with disconcerting frankness. Obviously, the star of M6 actually had a very strong relationship, not to say fusional with the one who gave birth to him. The reason why the separation was a real heartbreak to the point of plunging him into a state of feverishness.

The moment of farewell

In an interview given to journalists a few months ago, Stéphane Plaza looked back on his mother’s last days. He was indeed aware that his time was running out and that there was no hope of seeing her recover one day. From then on, he tried to hide the truth from her and protect her until the last moment: “I told him that I loved him. But what is very complicated is that you cannot give her a long statement because, if you go too far, she may suspect something. You have to stay light without being light, you cry inside, you are afraid that it will show. (…)”.

During this meeting with the press, Stéphane Plaza also remembered that her mom believed that everything was going to be okay and she could go back to her normal life: “She thought she was going to be released from the hospital… ». However, it was already too late and the inevitable was unfortunately happening. A death which will therefore be a real tragedy for the whole family, but more particularly for the animator who is still struggling to recover: ” We tell ourselves ‘Take me away lots of things, but let my mom…‘. I wanted it a lot. Today, I work on bereavement. (…)”.

Take care of others and yourself

As Stéphane confirms Plaza, this death had serious consequences on his life. Not a day goes by without him feeling the effects of this absence: “Every morning, when I get up, I have pain, but it has to be otherwise. She protects me from above”. Another way of saying that daily, he has to fight to try to forget the unforgettable. This is why existence today has a very different flavor for him. A life that he has now decided to dedicate to joy and sharing. During a meeting with our colleagues from Gala magazine, the presenter of the sixth channel spoke and the importance of taking an interest in others, but also of taking care of one’s own person.

For Stephane Plaza, there is indeed a lesson to be learned from this endless mourning and the pain that gnaws at it in secret. According to him, life is then a precious gift that must be cherished in the most beautiful way: “Life passes too quickly, so I realized that you have to take care of your health and not be afraid to love”. A philosophy that he has now decided to adopt and follow to the letter in all circumstances, regardless of the adversity that presents itself to him. Thinking about your peers, but also thinking about yourself.The reason why he decided to take care of himself by avoiding excesses and anything that could harm him.