This Tuesday will start the sale of tickets for the Daddy Yankee concert in Bogotá

After it was postponed on different occasions, this Tuesday the sale of tickets officially begins for what would be Daddy Yankee’s last concert in the country’s capital. With The Last Lap World Tour, The Puerto Rican says goodbye to his musical career, which accompanied the growth and establishment of urban music as one of the most important genres today.

On his definitive tour, Daddy Yankee will perform in four cities in Colombia, starting on October 7, 2022 in the Valle del Cauca capital, Cali, then in Bogotá on October 8, Barranquilla on the 14th and finally in Medellín on the 15th and 16th.

The company had some setbacks with the sale of tickets in Medellin, where users reported a crash on the website and others said they did not receive the tickets. tickets to emails, so the process had to be suspended while the technical issues were adjusted.

However, after the two occasions in which the sale of tickets for Bogotá was canceled, at hours before the scheduled date, as well as the complaints of some of the interested parties who alleged that, although the opening of the sale in the first time, the price list had not been published. This April 25, the company in charge of the ticket office published on its official Twitter account, some tips in order to purchase the tickets.

Are you ready for the sale of ‘tickets’ for #LaUltimaVueltaWorldTour in Bogotá? We give you the step by step so that you can acquire your ‘tickets’. Remember that the virtual line starts at 9 am, before this time the system does not generate shifts for users”, They reminded the fans of the Puerto Rican, thus announcing the start of ticket sales from 10 in the morning, but starting the virtual line from 9 in the morning on Tuesday, April 26.

These are the ticket prices:

  • Legendaddy boxes: $13 million, plus $2,210,000 service fee.
  • Boxes The last round: $11.2 million pesos, plus $1,910,000 for service.
  • Boxes Perreo area: $9,150,000 pesos, plus a service fee of $1,560,000.
  • Grandstand zone 3: $820,000 per ticket, plus a service of $140,000.
  • Zone 4 Grandstand: $730,000 per ticket, plus a $124,000 service fee.
  • Grandstand zone 5: $455,000 per ticket, plus a service of $78,000.
  • Stand area 6: $365,000 per ticket, plus a $62,000 service.
  • Stand area 7: $230,000 per ticket, plus a $40,000 service.
  • Zone 8 Grandstand: $135,000 per ticket, plus a $23,000 service fee.

It is to be remembered that Daddy Yankke announced the farewell to the stage thanking his followers and with the latter tour. “This race, which has been a marathon, has finally reached the finish line,” were the first words of the Puerto Rican, thanking him for giving him the opportunity to make reggaeton known and spread it throughout the world.

for the singer of Emergency callhis fans have been one of his greatest treasures and he mentions that he has always worked so as not to fail them. “With a lot of discipline, to be able to inspire all the kids kids for them to be free. That they dream of growing, that they do not think about limitations and work for their families and for what is theirs”, communicated the singer and also a record producer, who has reaped great triumphs in his more than 30 years of musical career and positioning in the industry.

Added to this, Daddy Yankee explained that in the neighborhoods where he and his friends and neighbors grew up, most had the goal of being drug traffickers in mind, but that has changed. “Today I go down to the neighborhoods, the hamlets, and most of them want to be singers. That is worth a lot to me, ”the reggaeton player alluded to in his farewell video.