This Vicente Fernández confessed when asked if he was a faithful man

Contrary to what he says in his song, Vicente Fernández never recorded the name of a girlfriend on the maguey stem. But not because he lacked romances but because, he said, he didn’t want his children or his family to ask him one day: why is your name written on that penca together with another woman’s?

In an interview at his ranch, Chente explained that his fidelity was proven because he spent 37 years with the same record company, 20 with his film production company, and almost 60 with just one wife.

The love story between Vicente Fernández and María del Refugio (whom everyone affectionately calls “Doña Cuquita”) has been recreated in the bioseries ‘The Last King. The son of the people ‘, in which the deep love that he united this couple since they were children is narrated.

They were married on December 27, 1963 after a movie ultimatum, since Vicente, already a young singer with some success, returned to his town with the aim of marrying her… but Cuquita already had another boyfriend. That was not an obstacle for Vicente, who gave him “ten minutes” to leave him because he had come back to get married.

Vicente Fernández was always frank when he spoke of love. “I’m not telling you that I’m a saint, but I think that everything can be done discreetly, without hurting anyone.”

When making the comparison with the song “La ley del monte”, one of the most popular and which even became a film, Vicente Fernández was sincere when he said: “in my heart there are many pencas and many engraved hearts”.